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What is a Photo Booth Rental?

What is a Photo Booth Rental?

One of the pleasures of hosting an event is knowing that you and your guests will be making new memories together. Photos are a wonderful way to capture those memories and reminisce about them later according to Winterlust Photo Booth, who provides photo booth rental in Denver. Renting a photo booth is one of the best ways to provide your guests with memories that will last a lifetime—humorous and sentimental memories that they will enjoy for years to come.

What is a Photo booth?

Photo booths are special setups that allow your guests to take creative, high-quality photos at your event. While simply taking selfies is a fun way to preserve memories, a photo booth offers many advantages over depending on using one’s own phone.

Photo booths are free-standing booths, which may or may not be completely or partially enclosed. They are fitted with a camera, and may also include a variety of different backgrounds, green screens, digital effects, and physical props for guests to get creative with. The booth may vary in size from one provider to another, so if you are considering renting a photo booth for your event, ensure that you find out the dimensions in advance so that you can have an appropriate, flat, free area to set the booth up.

Photo booths generally take pictures in bursts—for example, it may take four or five photos, each several seconds apart, to give your guests a chance to strike different poses. The booth then will provide guests with the opportunity to print out their photos. Many of today’s modern photo booths also provide digital copies of the photos so that your guests can share them on social media.

How much space do I need for a photo booth?

Generally speaking, a 10-foot square area, with a small table or stand nearby, is sufficient. A table can allow guests to sign up or provide them a place to wait their turn to use the photo booth. Since most companies can deliver a booth that is set up on-site, you usually don’t need a very large access point—the booth will be packed flat in a wheeled case, usually. You will, however, need access to a power outlet.

The photo booth rental company may be able to provide you with the necessary extension cords. Be sure to discuss the availability of a power outlet with the company to ensure that your photo booth can be up and running quickly!

Why opt for a photo booth instead of selfies?

One of the best parts of choosing to have a photo booth for your event is that it offers your guests the chance to get extra creative! You can provide your own props—toys, funny hats, masks, and so forth. Many photo booth rental companies will also provide props for your guests to use, from costumes to themed props.

Another reason that photo booths are fun is that they make larger group pictures easier than taking them with selfies or having someone be left out of the photo because they were holding the camera. A photo booth can also add a fun aesthetic element to your party, as most are festively designed.

Even if you’re employing a professional photographer for your event, or providing your guests with disposable cameras, a photo booth can add something special to your event that is difficult to replicate in any other way.

How do I choose a good photo booth rental company?

Choosing a good photo booth rental company isn’t difficult! You can find local companies by searching online, or through word of mouth. You might also speak to your event planner, if you have one, as they often network with other vendors and service providers.

When you have a shortlist of companies that offer photo booth rental services, write down what you’re looking for in a photo booth: do you want one or multiple units? What is your budget like? Are you interested in the company providing props, and if so, are you interested in a particular theme?

You will also want to discuss with the company the length of time you’d like to have the booth, and any extra assistance you might need with it. Some companies will provide an attendant to help run the booth, while others have booths that are essentially “plug and play” and don’t require any expert assistance beyond setting it up and taking it down.

You can also check online to see if there are reviews on a third party site, which can give you a good idea of the experiences that prior customers have had with the company.

Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews, and especially whether or not the company responds to negative reviews by trying to make things right. Of course, the fewer negative reviews the better, but it can also be a positive sign if the company reaches out to customers that had a poor experience.

Costs can vary from company to company, with prices ranging between two to three hundred dollars per hour. Photo booths are great for all kinds of events, including birthday parties, weddings, graduations, and more!