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Windshield Replacement in NJ

Will Windshield Replacement Raise My Insurance?

Oh no, it’s happened, you were driving when something hits your windshield and a dreaded crack suddenly appears in front of your face! How did this happen? Was a rock thrown from the dump truck ahead of you? You might never know the cause of your present dilemma, but you do know that you have auto insurance to cover this exact situation. Hallelujah, right? Maybe not, sometimes using your automobile insurance to cover repairs can end up costing you more money in the long run.

What type of Automobile Insurance do you have?

First, it is important to ascertain what type of insurance you have. If you only maintain a Liability automobile insurance policy then you will most likely have no coverage for your own vehicle. Liability is usually the state minimum coverage designed to only cover any damages to the opposite party’s vehicle or person if they were at fault.

Liability insurance is required on all state registered vehicles. This type of insurance is designed to protect victims of an auto accident. Any damages to yourself or your vehicle are not covered. Damages you have sustained during a collision will only be covered by the opposite party’s insurance if you are not at-fault for the accident.

Comprehensive automobile policies can vary in the amount of coverage and amounts. They differ in specific coverages and the amount of deductible that is required to provide that coverage. When an accident occurs the opposite party’s damages is covered.  Additionally, your own personal damages will be covered as well, as long as the required deductible is paid.

Comprehensive auto coverage is also very useful and can be used to cover repairs to your auto that doesn’t occur during an accident. Such repairs may include storms, fires, vandalism, animal collisions, etc. Not all comprehensive coverages cover windshield repairs as well, so make sure your policy does cover all auto glass repairs, not only side glass or chips but all pieces of auto glass.

Pen to Paper, Comparing costs….

After verifying whether your insurance will cover the cost of a front windshield, make note of what your deductible is. It may seem like it’s a “no-brainer”, right? Go ahead and file a claim with your insurance and get your windshield repaired? Not so fast, sometimes a non-collision repair can raise your monthly premium!

Will windshield replacement raise my insurance?

So I asked Windshield Wonder, a company near me that specializes in Windshield Replacement in NJ, and they said, “Possibly yes, every claim you make on your insurance gets recorded on your insurance record. This, in turn, can raise your perceived insurance risk and raise your insurance premiums.” You must assess whether saving a small amount of money is worth raising your premiums, potentially losing money in the end.

Sometimes the insurance company will require OEM(Original Equipment Manufactured) parts in repairs. This will determine the final cost of repair as well. Aftermarket parts include generic parts, non-OEM parts, and competitive replacement parts. These parts aren’t necessarily “bad” parts anymore and can often be superior these days, but one should still check their coverages to be safe.

For example: let’s say your deductible is $250.00 and the cost of a new windshield is $280.00. Insurance will only contribute $30.00 for your new windshield. And, this claim ends up raising your premiums by a couple of dollars per month. You will end up paying far more in the long run to only save $30.00. As you can see, this is hardly worth the initial savings.

Things to Remember….

Whether you end up filing with your insurance for your windshield replacement, or not, you must be vigilant about the quality of repair you get. There are times when you don’t have to replace the whole windshield, you may just be able to repair a chip in your glass. You must also be sure to protect the inside of your vehicle until you can get your repairs completed.

There are times when your insurance company will specify who they will approve your repairs through. But, if you are given the option to choose who does your repairs make sure you research the shop and they have good ratings and reviews. Auto repair shop fraud is one of the largest scams on the market, you do not want to fall victim to such fraud.

According to DMV.org the following are some recognizable scam attempts to look out for:

  • You repairman tried to get you to replace the whole windshield, instead of just repairing it.
  • Someone tries to get you to replace/repair your windshield outside a licensed repair shop.
  • The repair shop charges your insurance for several unneeded repairs.

Being vigilant about fraud will ensure your premiums stay as low as possible. Repair shop fraud victims often suffer from sub-par repairs, parts, and service. Insurance companies can also cancel your coverage if they are overcharged or you do not notify them of the needed repairs.

Secondly, there may be a lag between your accident and your repair. Broken or missing auto glass leaves the inside of your vehicle vulnerable. Outside weather conditions can affect the inside of your vehicles and destroy your interior. Make sure to protect your vehicle from any potential damage. In addition to this, there is potentially increased threat of theft and vandalism. If possible, try to park your vehicle indoors to help alleviate this threat.

Whether you are going to repair a chip, or have to replace a whole piece of auto glass, you must be careful in reviewing your options and the final cost for your repair. Educate yourself about your insurance coverage and costs. Research your potential repair shop and don’t allow yourself or your insurance company to become a victim of fraud. And, most of all, be safe!