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What Does Being Sober Mean

What Does Being Sober Mean?

Being sober can mean a couple of different things. The word “sober” means to be the exact opposite of drunk. That is only one definition though. There are other times it is used in the text of being serious or not being playful. Let’s break it down to see what it means to be sober.

Speaking in Terms of Alcohol

Being Sober Without Alcohol.

Sober is used in terms when someone has been drinking alcohol. It does not necessarily mean that the person who has been drinking has an alcohol addiction, it simply means that the person’s state of mind is clear now because the alcohol effect has worn off or the person has not had a drink at all.

To Not Be Sober.

To not be sober is to be drunk. Your mind has been impaired, and you are not thinking with 100% judgment. When you drink your first bit of alcohol for the night, your judgment is already impaired. According to QuizLet.com, several accidents happen every year due to drinking and driving that includes teenage kids too.

Sobering Up to Drive.

The limit in which you cannot legally drive is 0.08. A lot of times people calculate it with the number of drinks one can have. That is not the case, however. Several factors play a part. Your age, weight, health and even the amount you usually consume are all factors.

You should never drink and drive. The first drink impairs you. You cannot evaluate yourself at that time correctly now that your judgment is already off. To call it safe, if you drink just don’t drive. It’s better safe than have a tragic mistake happen at the hands of poor judgment. Below is how to sober up to drive.

There is no other way to safely and completely sober up to drive. It is safe to say that for every drink you must wait an hour. If you had two drinks be prepared to wait two hours before driving. If you can’t remember the number of drinks you have had, call a cab.

Drinkinganddriving.org has endless information when it comes to drinking and driving.

Speaking in Terms of the Mind

Being Sober in Terms of the Mind

Biblestudytools.com has scripture on their website. It’s taken from an English Standard Version Holy Bible that says to be sober-minded and watchful for our adversary seeks to devour us like a lion. It is in 1 Peter 5:7. So, the definition according to the Holy Bible is to be watchful.

Christiandrugrehab.com uses the same scripture on their site to encourage those struggling with addiction. They say that when you become sober-minded you can see God’s calling for your life. Your path and direction are clear. They start by telling the reader that God is not out to get us but really looking out for us, wanting our minds to be clear and open to His presence.

You can read more on their websites linked above. There is more from The Bible and you can find links to that scripture at openbible.info. They have everything you need to read about sober-mindedness.

Speaking in Terms of Drugs

What it Means to be Sober from Drugs

Being sober from drugs is alike to being clean from drugs. It is used in a couple different ways. It can mean that the person is not feeling the effects at the moment or it can mean that the person is no longer doing drugs and is clean from them.

Effects of Not Being Sober from Drugs

Drugs can tear apart a family and leave a trail of devastation. Often, when someone has a drug addiction they do want out. The may not seem like they want to be sober but often they do, deep down. Several reasons hold them back such as, lack of coping skills, guilt and the drugs hold itself. Drug overdoses are an epidemic today.

How Does One Know If They Need Help Sobering Up from Drugs?

Quitting drugs can be very hard. It is not impossible though. Sometimes people need help with kicking the addiction. Below are some signs that you may need to get some extra help. According to Silver Sands Recovery, a Prescott Addiction Treatment Center in Arizona, it is never bad to ask for help, on the contrary, it is admirable the strength that one must have to come forth and ask for such.

  • Pronouncing or believing you are becoming addiction free when the drug use is becoming worse.
  • Lying or stealing from family or friends.
  • Committing crimes to survive because the addiction has overcome your means to live or provide food or shelter.
  • Developing health issues due to the drug abuse.
  • Are in denial the drugs are causing an issue.
  • Failed attempts at quitting the use of the drug.

Projectknow.com is educational in all aspects of drug addiction relief, as well as, Christiandrugrehab.com.

Last Thoughts on Being Sober.

Being sober is a choice but sometimes we need help in making the right choices. Being sober is the right choice. We should be sober in mind and body. I have linked a video here for more information about sobriety. I hope all this helps and thanks for reading. Don’t miss out on the video at this youtube.com link.