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best interior paint color for selling a house

What is the Best Interior Paint Color for Selling a House?

Selling a house can be a very big feat but it doesn’t have to be! One of the least expensive things you can do to raise the chances of selling your home is a simple coat or two of paint.

You don’t want to paint your home any old color though because people can be particular. I hope that this article points you in the right direction for the perfect paint for selling your home.

Let’s Start with the Living Room.

The living room is the well, most lived room. Everyone goes through there and it is the first place that guest usually go to when visiting your home. It is where you socialize, watch television and even play games and host the evening. This room should be painted a soft and easy color.

You don’t want plain white because it can make it feel as though you are at a hospital but, you don’t want to jump right on neon green either! Super Cash for Houses (website) says that homes that are painted with a blue or purple hue are sold for $5,000 more than the average and $4,000 less when painted with traditional white.

A taupe living room color is most common and seems to get a lot of attention when it comes to color also. So, either a soft beige or taupe is respectfully a great choice to improve your odds.

What About the Kitchen?

The kitchen is an important area of interest too when it comes to traffic and if someone is looking in your kitchen to buy one of the first things that pop out is the paint and. Think about it, you would not want to buy a house that has an ugly kitchen with grease splatters on the wall. You want it to look clean. You also want it to give a good impression showing that you have taken good care of the home.

Most common colors to paint a kitchen can be white with apples but that look is fading out and people are wanting a more modern style kitchen often switching to stainless appliances but that is another story. The most appetizing color for the kitchen in 2017 is a blue color. It doesn’t have to be Smurf blue, but a light hue of blue will be desired. CBS News says that it can bump of the selling price by $1,800!

The Bathroom Needs Painting Too!

The bathroom is looked at too and as mentioned above paint gives off a great big impression, so you want it to be good. A common color in the past for bathrooms was a pink or blue often decorated with clues fish curtains or pink flowers. That trend has passed since then! Now people are looking for more of a neutral color scheme.

Often you can mix two neutral colors to give off a beautiful style if they are neutral and don’t hesitate to you bright colors but only make that the ceiling or one wall so that the neutral pops even more. It is a blending of colors, but you must careful of their placement. For instance, a bright green would look great on the mirrored wall while the others remain neutral. It adds a dynamic effect and can boost the cost of your home several hundred dollars!

Don’t Forget the Bedrooms!

Bedrooms need to be painted too. They may not be as well traveled as the living room where guests come but it does look clean and great when a potential buyer can walk into the home and be ok with even the bedroom wall paint. It gives them less to do when moving and they are more likely to buy a home that is all ready to go rather than do additional work and if additional work is needed then the value of the home goes down. The most common colors for the bedroom would be vibrant shades of lavender or blue. Believe it or not a green color is common also.

On HGTV.com they have pictures that give off splendid ideas when it comes to color. You don’t want to paint with dark colors because it makes the room look much smaller and gives a crowded look and nobody wants that effect. So, stick to the soft vibrant colors when it comes to the bedrooms and that goes for all the rooms. Never use a color that is too bright or white.


My conclusion is that if you stick to some neutral colors and don’t go too bright you should be all right. I would not hesitate to check out the links for more ideas on color. Remember simple makes a big impression and neon and way too bright colors will most likely drive the price down instead of up.