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How to Safely Pack a Glass Tabletop for Moving

How to Safely Pack a Glass Tabletop for Moving

Moving is not something people generally enjoy doing. The idea of relocating can be scary, but it can also be exciting. Either way, you want your valuables to be kept safe during their transportation. Wrapping breakables in newspaper and packaging them in cardboard boxes is always key but what about bigger breakable things.

Glass table tops are large and awkward. Not something you can easily wrap in newspaper and put in a box. Here are some tips.

What Should I Wrap the Glass With?

EZ Movers (also known for being the best Skokie Movers) tells us that wrapping the glass in craft paper is key to keep from scratching and nicking the table top. Kraft paper can usually come in rolls, so you can easily spread the craft paper over the table allowing more coverage and easier usage rather than the traditional newspaper that comes in smaller sheets.

If you are not interested in the craft paper idea, I do know that bubble wrap is a good option and may even provide additional protection from all those unwanted bumps along the road that can cause potential damage.

If all else fails and you do not have the option to purchase paper or bubble wrap you can always wrap the glass in a blanket or two. That does not add the greatest protection, but it does work. You can find bubble wrap on Amazon.com in the link. Also, some good craft paper can be found on Amazon too.

How Do I Secure the Wrapping to the Glass?

You do not want to use plain duct tape to secure your bubble wrap or craft paper. If this touches the glass the glue can cause more damage than good, often leaving the class with a sticky residue that is almost impossible to clean without messing the table top in some form or another.

Masking tape is not a good option either. Masking tape does not seem to hold very well and can altogether defeat the purpose in all the wrapping. If you use the masking tape, odds are your hard work will fall off anyway and your tabletop will end up exposed and possibly damaged. What you do need to use, and works best, is packaging tape. It is durable and will hold the craft paper or bubble wrap in place.

When it is time to remove the paper it easily peels off without leaving the terrible residue that traditional duct tape can leave on your special piece. I have found that Scotch Packaging tape works really well but I have family that would prefer Gorilla Glue Tape for packaging. Either way, they both seem reliable and you can find them easily in the links. They come with a tape holder that makes the job simple enough.

Now That It Is Wrapped, Am I Ready to Move?

Not just yet! I know that it seems like wrapping the table would be enough, but I would hate for your glass table to become damage by not telling you the next important step. It is cardboard. I know you are probably wondering where and how you will find a box big enough, no worries, I have just the answers.

On HomesGuide.com you can find information on telescoping boxes as well as information on how to package a glass table top. HomeGuide.com suggest wrapping your tabletop in a telescoping box that you can get at just about any home moving store. If you do not have access to one of the telescoping boxes there is always the alternative of flattening a regular box and spreading it out along the table until it is covered in cardboard.

At that time, you can then tape the cardboard in your already purchased packaging tape and you are all set to go! Telescoping boxes can be found on Amazon.com too for a pack of 25 for about $54.00.

Now You Can Move the Table

Now that you have completed all the steps above you can move the glass table top. You must always have a helping hand though. Never try to move the table yourself and make sure you are wearing enclosed shoes.

If the table drops on your foot, it can cause an immense amount of damage resulting in broken bones in the foot and plenty of medical bills later. So, for your safety please be safe and get a moving buddy.


Moving is not the most fun thing to do but it is always better to take your time and make sure thing are properly packaged so none of your furniture gets damaged in the process.

Remember to always take time and use the right products because the wrongs ones can do more harm than good. I hope that you can find everything you need, and your move goes smoothly with minimum furniture casualties.