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houses for rent anacortes wa

How to Find Houses for Rent in Anacortes, WA

When it comes to renting, it can be a difficult task to find the right place. If you’re looking for places to rent in Anacortes WA, then I am here to help. If you are not familiar with the area, then I hope this helps you get familiarized with some of our do’s and don’ts when looking to rent in this special section of Washington.

A Bit of Information About Anacortes.

Anacortes has a population of about 16,400 according to BestPlaces.Net. About 58 percent of its population is married. Based on the United States Average, Anacortes cost of living is 33% higher than that of the average. The average home cost about $300,000 on high so real-estate does not seem to be struggling. CareerBuilder.com has a long list of job availability for Anacortes on their website.

Looking for Large Family Homes?

Everyone is looking for something different. If you have a large family, then I think this section will be helpful for you. I carefully researched all the information that I thought would be of help. I’m from a large family myself so I understand the need! According to The Mayo Home Team, the best Anacortes Real Estate company in the area, 3 bedrooms typically range from $1,300 on up but if you need something a little bigger it can go up to $3,000.

Don’t fret over that number though. Different places have different owners with different prices to choose from. For instance, there is a 5-bedroom 2 bath for 2,100 while there are 3 bedrooms for the same prices. Zillow.com has a list of some of the homes for rent in that area. Tulia.com also has a list of big family homes too.

All About Anacortes Schools.

Anacortes has all the elementary schools and high schools that every typical town has, but are they of a good grade? Well, let me break it down for you a bit. The Mt Erie Elementary School has a customer review grade of 2.8 while on the upside, the Whitney Primary school has a 5-star rating.

Both the middle school and high school have a 3-star rating or more but the whole school district averages in at a 4.7. Some areas in the United States don’t grade the elementary schools, so don’t be shocked if they have no idea what you mean when you ask if it is an A school or not because some states do grade their schools which give a little bit of understanding on how well the facility is teaching the children.

That does not mean that schools are not testing to see where their students are if they don’t grade, it just means that there is not a standardized test. They are home to several different colleges too and some of which have 5-star ratings like the SVC Marine Technology. This is not a full list of schools. You can find them all here with links to their website and phone numbers at this Google link.

What About Single Person or Roommate Homes?

If you are looking for a roommate or looking for a home that is good for roommates, then I would suggest Kangeroo.com but you must always be very careful when using those sites. RoomMaster.com has listings for people searching for roommates and it helps narrow the search down a bit too beings that someone is already established in the home just looking to add a roommate. It has all the information you would want to know in these neat little profiles.

Just like with renting homes in the area, rooms will be the same way. Each person will be charged a different amount depending on what rent is. Usually, roommates will split the total amount of rent with the total amount of roommates but remember the more roommates the more rooms you will need and in turn the more rent will be and in turn you will end up paying around the same amount with sharing more kitchen space and bathroom.

The average prices for renting a room come to about $500-$800. If you are looking to live alone, studio apartments range from $800-$1300. You can find some listings on Apartmentfind.com. Town homes are always a good option but then there are also regular one-story homes that may interest you and Hotpads.com is a great place to optimize your search and find some options.


No matter what it is that you may be on the market for Anacortes, it seems to have just about everything you may have in mind. The schools seem great and the crime rate doesn’t seem to be jumping all over the charts. It is home to the Native Americans who own and sell goods at the Samish Nation store. A valuable part of country is right there on the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community. Anacortes is a lovely place to call home. I hope that I provided the best resources for your relocation.