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What Is Atlanta Known For

What Is Atlanta Known For? (Top Five)

Known for its peaches and amazing musical heritage, Atlanta is also the capital of Georgia. With the help of my friends at Party Bus For Atlanta, who know Atlanta better than anyone else (because they drive a party bus around all day), we put together the top five things that Atlanta is known for. You may know some or learn something new. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

The Start of the Civil Rights Movement.

You guessed it. The Civil Rights movement originated in Atlanta. Black American men and women from Atlanta held a strike against segregation in 1892 that made a big difference in the Civil Rights Movement.

Even when things seemed like no effect was being made the black men and women of Atlanta still fought and stood up for the rights they deserve just like any other human being. You can find an immense amount of research on this topic on historians.org.

The information on these great American men and women’s fight for freedom is absolutely amazing and it all started right here in Atlanta Georgia. If you’re interested more on this valuable history, you can also check out this video at atlanta.net.

As Mentioned Above, Peaches.

Atlanta Known For Peaches

Atlanta Is Known For Peaches

Yes, peaches but why? The whole state of Georgia was designated the peach state but with Atlanta being the capital it plays a big role. Georgia’s state crop is known for the most tasteful peach. Even Country singers sing about the great peaches. You can find out everything you need to know about this tasty fruit on statesymbol.com.

They have a very informational video as well as an article on this delicious fruit!

They also have a peach tree run that benefits veterans that plays a big role in the community.

The largest drive-in diner in the entire world!

Atlanta Known For largest drive-in diners in the entire world

The Largest drive-in diners in the entire world

Did you know that Atlanta is home to the largest drive-in diners in the entire world? Well, it is! Right in downtown Atlanta it is located and built on two acres. It makes tons of potatoes and hot dogs and chili every day and all of it is made right from scratch and don’t forget about the shakes and burgers. I am getting hungry just thinking about that!

It may sound like a lot of food, but it really isn’t especially when there is a football game going on at Georgia Tech. Named the Varsity, it once was called the Yellow Jacket. It was founded by Frank Gourdy a Reinhart University graduate who attended school at Georgia Tech but later dropped out. With its southern slogan, “What’ll ya have?” I think I would have a bite of all! You can read all about it on Wiki.

Gold and the Capital Dome.

Atlanta Known For capitol dome

The Capitol Dome

The Capital Dome in Atlanta is a sight to see. The top of the Dome is covered in 43 ounces of pure gold with Miss Freedom standing atop the beautiful structure. Carved on the pediment is Georgia’s coat of arms. This lovely structure holds so much information and history. This building was one of the first to have central air and heat along with electricity and elevators.

It has a grand staircase that travels a whopping three stories high. Originally built in 1889 it now stands after restorations and upkeep as a museum. It holds pictures of state officials all the way to Native American rocks. It is considered an American Public Institution for Learning and I must say that there is so much to be learned there. They do an amazing job at keeping up and finding historical artifacts, so the public can view and learn all about the history of our Country.

You can check out some photos and more information at georgiaencyclopedia.com.

Let’s Put a Face to Atlanta.

Atlanta Georgia is home to some of the most famous people in America. From actors to singers, a lot of them come from Atlanta.

Atlanta Known For Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning and her sister Dakota are both from this wonderful but rather busy city. If you don’t know who they are they starred in the movie Maleficent and Live by Night with Ben Affleck.

Atlanta Known For Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy is another famous face from Atlanta. Before her tragic death in 2009 she played in the television show Clueless and starred in the movie 8 mile along with several other big-name movies.


Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts made her big break in the movie Erin Brockovich and she herself is from Atlanta. You can find that movie on Amazon –  it is based on a true story.

Atlanta Known For Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker

I bet you wouldn’t guess this but, Chris Tucker made if from Atlanta himself, being one of the funniest comedians.

There are also Christian Pastors and Rappers based out of Atlanta too, that give off a positive message and push forward to better the community through their songs and encouragement such as Trip Lee.  That’s just a few of the faces who make Atlanta what it is.

Atlanta is truly an amazing place. It is known for so much and I hope that I was able to pinpoint some of the wonderful things about this amazing city and what makes Atlanta who and what it is. It is made of some amazing people and structures and has certainly placed itself on the list of places I wish to visit again very soon.