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What Are Roofing Shingles Made From

What Are Roofing Shingles Made From?

We see them in most houses in our neighborhood. Various types of roofs that make a house or a commercial building look good. With so many different types of roofing shingles, the question that is always asked is: what are roofing shingles made from?

Roofing shingles are made from various materials. While most of them are made from asphalt, there are organic and inorganic materials that are included. Some shingles, explains ATS Exteriors (https://www.atsroofingdenver.com/), are made from materials like fiberglass, wood, flagstone, ceramic, and even metal.

We’re going to discuss what each shingle type made from, and where you can find them specifically. We’ll also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of roof shingles so you know what to expect whether you install new ones or have to inspect the roof on a regular basis for any damage.

Who knows? You might learn a quick little home improvement trick that will protect your house from water damage that causes mold growth. And you know that you don’t want that at all.

Especially when mold can cause structural damage. You don’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on major repairs, do you? Of course not.

Now, keep reading so we’ll talk about the different types of roof shingles that exist and the materials that make them:

Asphalt Shingles

Do you know those black, brown, and grey shingles that you see on most home roofs? Nine times out of ten, most of these houses will use asphalt shingles. That’s because they are the most commonly used type of shingles out there.

Asphalt shingles are made from glass fibers and cellulose fibers. So it’s a mix of both organic and inorganic material. The organic materials will be saturated with asphalt and then will have a surface coverage that is made from mineral granules that are covered with ceramic.

These asphalt shingles are known to last a long time. The average lifespan of these shingles will range from 15 to 20 years. One of the best abilities that asphalt shingles have is that they won’t get badly damaged by the sun.

If you are someone who likes to recycle, you might be happy to know that roof shingles can actually be recyclable depending on the area you reside in. Various asphalt shingles can also stay intact on roofs depending upon their wind ratings.

For example, any asphalt shingles that are labeled ‘Class D’ can sustain maximum winds of up to 90 mph. Class G and Class H asphalt shingles can sustain winds of up to 120 and 150 miles per hour, respectively.

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, you may want to consider installing Class G or Class H shingles in and when the time comes to work on the roof of your house. 

Fiberglass Shingles

Asphalt is not just one of the types of shingles that are among the most popular for houses. Enter fiberglass shingles. These are made from base materials made from woven fiberglass. They are made with a waterproof coating that is asphalt-based. 

Unlike asphalt shingles, these fiberglass shingles will have less asphalt material. Therefore, it makes these types of shingles a lot stronger and more durable. If you want a shingle that will not dry out, change shape, and is non-porous then you may want to consider installing fiberglass shingles on your roof if you so choose.

What’s the difference between fiberglass and asphalt shingles?

The distinct difference between the two is the amount of asphalt. Another is that fiberglass shingles tend to be more cost-effective than their asphalt counterpart. So if you are looking to work on your roof and don’t want to break the bank, you may want to consider the idea of investing in fiberglass shingles.

Fiberglass shingles will last you a good 25 to 50 years. So it has almost double the lifespan of asphalt shingles. Cost-effective and last longing is quite the combination, if we say so ourselves. 

What are some other shingle types (and what they are made from)?

There are different types of roof shingles out there but are not usually common. These include wood shingles. Wood shingles are usually common in Europe and Asia. 

Typically, they’ll be made from woods such as cypress, pine, western red cedar, and redwood. This is another type of shingle that can withstand the test of time. On average, you can expect wood shingles to last you a good 30 to 35 years. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what some of the most common types of shingles are made from, you might even consider the idea of installing one type on your home in the not-so-distant future. Even if a roof repair or replacement is far off, you may want to take note of which shingles will serve you best in the long run.

Remember, you want something that won’t break the bank, lasts you a long time, and will be able to make your home look great for years to come.