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Is It Cheaper To Get a Metal Roof or Shingles?

Is It Cheaper To Get a Metal Roof or Shingles?

When it is time to install a new roof on your home, many homeowners want to make sure that they are choosing a roof that will last a long time and looks good. They also want to keep the costs down because replacing their roof, no matter what material is needed can be expensive. Many wonder whether a metal roof or shingles is cheaper to install.

A metal roof will cost more for the initial installation. The parts often need to be specially ordered so getting it placed on the roof costs more than shingles. However, since metal roofs can last twice as long as shingle roofs, they can end up saving the homeowner a lot of money over the lifetime of the roof, according to Crown Roofing and Solar Company of Wichita (https://www.crownroofingwichita.com).

Both metal roofs and shingle roofs can look nice on your property and are easy to install. And both of them are cost-effective materials to use. Let’s take a look at the differences between metal and shingle roofs and explore which one is the most cost-effective method to use on your home. 

Which Roof is Less Expensive?

Shingles are a popular option for most homes, but they may not be the most efficient when it comes to the cost that you spend. Most homeowners find that paying for a metal roof is a little more expensive when they first put it up. The installation requires specialty parts that are harder to gain access to compared to asphalt shingles. This can make it a little bit more expensive when you first hire a contractor.

However, since the metal roof will last a lot longer, it may cost less over the lifetime of the roof. A shingle roof will usually last about 20 years or so before it needs to be replaced. A metal roof could last for more than 50 years as long as the homeowner takes good care of it. This means that while you may have to pay a little bit more to install the roof because of the specialized materials, it can cost you less overall compared to a shingle roof.

The Benefits of a Metal Roof

It is important to know all of the benefits of a type of roofing material before you choose to use it in your home. Some of the benefits of using a metal roof include:

Lightweight: Metal roofing is made out of lightweight sheets that are easy to carry onto the roof for installing. This material will put less stress on the roof structure.

More choices in styles: There are many types of metals that you can choose for roofing. This helps you to choose a type that looks good on your home.

Recyclable; Many types of roofing materials will be made out of recycled metal materials. This makes them more friendly to the environment.

Durable: Metal roofs are able to stand up to all of the elements. They can handle a lot of moisture and even strong winds. With the right kind of care, the metal roof can handle all of the elements out there while still lasting fifty to sixty years.

Lower costs long-term: Because the metal roof will last a lot longer, you will not need to replace it as often. You can install it just once and leave it for years to come.

While there are a lot of benefits to using a metal roof, it is important to know some of the negatives. The cost to install these is more because you need specialty materials to get started. It also requires specially trained installers to get the roof put up and there are some local laws that may limit whether you can use this roofing or not.

The Benefits of Shingle Roofs

Many homeowners like to work with a shingle roof because they look nice and they are a common material that other homes around them already have. Some of the reasons why you may choose to go with a shingle roof instead of a metal roof include:

  • Easier to install: Shingle roofs will often be easier to install compared to some metal roofs.
  • Cheaper initial installation: The parts and the labor will cost a lot less than the initial installation of the metal roofs. This can save a lot of money.
  • Widely available: Shingles are a lot easier to gain access to compared to metal materials. This makes it a lot easier to get them installed on your home.

If you want to save more money when you install the roof, then going with a shingle material is often the best choice. However, for homeowners who would like to save more money over the long-term and not have to worry about replacing the roof often, then a metal roof is the best option to choose.