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how long do tile roofs last

How Long Do Tile Roofs Last?

Are you considering purchasing a tile roof? You are probably wondering the price of a tile roof versus a shingle roof and even more importantly how long it will last. No one wants to deal with having to repair a roof. The longer a roof lasts, the better. Let’s go over how long a tile roof should last.

Who Uses Tile Roofing?

You probably see that several business use tiles to roof their structures. Did you know that personal homeowners can do the same too? A lot of people a switching to tile roofing due to how long it lasts. As stated above, no one wants unexpected leaks. So, my answer is a lot of people. After this article, you may consider using tile too. Let me tell you why.

Can Tile Roofing Last For Decades?

You guessed right. It sure can last for decades. That is plural too. Not just a decade, but several. What if you were told that a tile roof can last up to 50 years, would you believe me? Well, tile roofs can! That is a lot more than the standard shingle roof lasting only 20 years.

How Long Before The Tiles Rot?

They don’t! According to The Roofing Company, a Tampa roofing company, tile does not ever rot or burn out. Even when placed in very hot climates during the summer months, they will not burn or rot. Did you know that some tile roofing can be built to last for 100 years? That is a lifetime! Of course, the price will then go up. Let’s talk material and price a bit.

Price of Tile Roofing.

The price of tile roofing can vary greatly. In terms of price per square foot, it can range anywhere between $700 all the way up to $1,000. According to www.homeadvisor.com, the average total price of a tile roof is $11,000. The higher end of prices can be up to $30,000.

Shingle Roofing Cost:

The average price per square foot for a shingle roof can cost anywhere between $80 up to $100, according to www.fixr.com. I know that it sounds so much more affordable, but think about what else you are paying for, the lifetime. What may seem like a lot now for a tile roof can better serve you in the long run.

The Materials.

Tiles for roofing can be made out of different material. They are usually made of clay or concrete. I know that some may look the same, but there is a difference between the two types of tile material. Let me outline the two major differences below.

Clay Tiles:

  • Can be broken easily.
  • Delicate

Concrete Tiles:

  • Very durable.
  • Less likely to break during installation.

Want To Install Yourself?

When it comes to home projects, like many, people want to try to save money and complete the task themselves. This can be a great way to expand your budget to buy other things. Installing a shingle roof can be done safely and installed properly with the right gear and knowledge. Tile roofs, not so much.

More Costs Later On.

Just like cutting tile for flooring, you need to cut tile to fit around skylights, vents, and much more. Getting those cuts can be tricky. That is not the only hold back from installing a tile roof yourself though. Tile roofing can last longer than the underlayment. That is why it is important to have a professional install the tile. If not you can look forward to bigger damage costs in the end.

The Maintenance of Tile Roofing.

Everything that you buy has to have some kind of maintenance to keep it looking good and in good shape. The same is true when it comes to tile roofing. The real question here is, how much maintenance. The answer is simple, hardly any at all. You may want to seal the roof or paint the tiles. The most maintenance would come with cleaning out the gutters as usual.

Some Great Aspects Of Tile Roofing.

There are several great aspects of getting a tile roof. I know that they may cost a bit more than the traditional roofing styles, but they do last so much longer. Here are a few great things that come with having a tile roof:

Tile Roofing Features:

  • Great for the Environment.
  • Cost Effective in the long run.
  • Longevity
  • Appearance

The list can go on and on. You can find more information on tile roofing at www.tileroofing.org. They have a lot of info and may be able to answer any unanswered questions.

I hope that this information was useful to you. If you would like you can check out the youtube video on the link to learn more about tile roofing before you decide on which one you want. Thanks for reading and enjoy your new roof!