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What is Commercial Printing

What is Commercial Printing?

Commercial printing is a service that takes your artwork and prints it on to paper. Now, that paper may be a brochure, a card, or even a book or magazine. The number of things that can be created with commercial printing is endless. Commercial printing is great for advertising, marketing materials, and much more.

Where to Get Commercial Printing Done?

There are many places that you can get commercial printing done. There are businesses like Blooming Color, a Chicago commercial printing company – they have endless information on their website about what a commercial printer can offer.

I bet you are probably asking what kinds of services do most commercial printers offer? Let’s take a look.

So much can be done when it comes to commercial printing. The introduction to this does not even touch base. I am excited to tell you about all the opportunities available out there for your business, parties or even literature pieces you may wish to publish.

Web to Print is an Option.

Web to print was made with companies in mind. It was designed to allow companies to create great printed artwork without it having to be passed around before it gets to the company. This limits the number of touches that the print receives between delivery. Here are some benefits of web to print;

  • Live views of PDF proofs.
  • Personalization.
  • Allows Proofreading and editing online.
  • Accessible tracking of shipments.
  • Control of the cost of prints.
  • Helps to maintain a consistency of prints.

Professional Print Shops Offer Digital Offset Printing.

Companies in commercial printing that do digital offsets are the ones to go with. There are many great features that digital offsetting provides. Let us look at those abilities offered.

  • A quick automated process.
  • Easy personalization.
  • Customize Information.
  • Color Variations that can be custom mixed. Including neon colors.
  • One of a kind abstracts.
  • Nice Finishing with Special Effects.
  • Embossing and Raised Ink.

Commercial Printing Offers Wide Formatting.

Some commercial printing companies offer wide formatting. This is essential when it comes to advertisements or producing a large display. If you are looking to have a wide format, then go with a company that offers laminating and finishing options that you can choose from. This helps keep your display just how you want it.

What Are Some Benefits of wide formatting?

  • You can put on a display for all to see.
  • Attract customers with elegant and eye-grabbing designs.
  • Make anything from a poster to banners and signs.
  • The ability to create trade show worthy imagery.

What Are Some Options with wide formatting?

  • The option to use different materials. You can use fiberglass, plastic, metal or even traditional paper.
  • Wide formatting allows you to spread your art across larger or longer materials.

How is Conventional Printing Relevant?

The difference between conventional printing and the use of printing with UV, is the ink that is used. Well, not only the ink but the drying process. You see, with conventional printing you can’t print things out as quick as you would with a UV print process. The price is much cheaper with conventional though. The list below shows the benefits of conventional printing.

  • More prints for your budget
  • More advertising for your budget
  • Simple and to the point.

Let’s face it, sometimes we need things done and are on a smaller budget. Maybe our budget is large but so is the span of people we are trying to reach. That is why conventional printing is a great option. Do consider the downsides to it though.

  • Conventional Printing requires more time to allow the finished ink to dry. UV dries right away turning that wet ink into a dry material, it is almost instant.
  • Additional products are needed to help the drying process because a lot of the ink can be evaporated into the air. You must be careful not to lose the ink because it can cause the work to be dull and pale.
  • You can only print your work on paper. There is no other material that you can print it on and the ink hold like t should. So, you will only be able to print paper copies.

Haredingpoorman.com shows a great outline of the difference in the conventional prints and the UV printing process. It is worth a look if you are interested.

Prices Are High But, Not with Commercial Printing.

Commercial printing allows you to get the prints that you need at an affordable and understandable rate. The finished product is amazing, and the quality is superb. Not only is the price practical but so is the time. You can cut out the work for yourself and hand it over to a professional in the field and trust that you are getting back something worth value.