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roof fungus removal

What is the Best Way to Remove Roof Fungus?

So, your roof has fungus on it. No big deal, but it could cause major damage, plus it doesn’t look good and you don’t want it spreading everywhere. I have all the tips and product information you need to remove that pesky roof fungus with no problem!

Also, some do’s and don’ts that will save you time, money and even your roof!

Where Do You Begin?

I know it may look overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You can purchase simply supplies or cleaners that will do all the work for you really. You do not have to be scrubbing on top of a slippery roof unless you prefer the traditional cleaning style. We will talk about that later. As for now, those products…

Spray and Forget Makes the Job Easy.

With Spray and Forget you can literally spray and forget. You do not have to go back and rinse or do any further care. You do exactly as the bottle says. It has a non-acidic formula that is biodegradable making it better for the environment. Plus, it’s non-corrosive. Little work is really involved. You can find it in the link.

Roof Wash Works Great!

Roof wash is eco-friendly yet works amazingly. It is an oxygen based product which makes it biodegrade within 4 to 6 hours. It cleans away mold, algae, fungus and much more from your roof. It is completely safe for the environment and it is easy to use. You can find Roof Wash on Amazon.com.

Another Great Product is Rust-Oleum.

Zinsser Jomax Roof Cleaner and Mildew Stain Remover is another great product that removes mold and mildew that often come along with fungi. The only work you have to do with this is to mix it in with bleach and let it set. Afterwards, it does require a rinse and the only wait time is five minutes, so it is not an all-day event. You can find it on Amazon.

Don’t Count Out Bleach.

Bleach has been removing mold, mildew and stains off a numerous number of surfaces over the years. In a diluted form it is safe to use in the sterilization of dining wear.  It works incredibly but the only down fall is the fact that stains clothes. So, just make sure you wear something you don’t mind getting stained.

What Would Be Your Next Step?

Now that you have chosen a product you can get started on these next steps. I know some of the products above do not require much more work other than spraying and possibly rinsing. However, other products do require you to take some extra steps. Here are some steps to take.

Protect Your Plants.

If you are using a product that can cause damage to your plants, it would be best to cover them with a tarp.  The reason a tarp rather than sheet, which can work, is that the tarp is water proof so if when it gets drenched it still will not seep through. Rinse the tarp off before toughing also.

Apply Your Product Now.

Now that you have your plants protected you can apply your product safely. Make sure you have on gloves to protect your hands from any harmful chemicals then apply the product. Follow the directions of the product. If bleach, make ¼ solution then apply.

Should You Rinse Now?

Make sure the product has been left on long enough and is removing the stains but never leave it on longer than the directions say. You can leave bleach on for a little while. Once you do your inspection and see that it has worked, you can rinse your product. It should be all clean.

Please Remember These Precautions!

There is something you should and should not do when cleaning your roof. Safety is always first and should not be taken lightly. Also, there are some things can cause major damage to your roof. I want to make sure you are aware of these important tips:

Here as the Do’s.

  • Have a helping hand. It is always good to have a partner that will be an extra set of eyes and someone that can hold the ladder and act as a spotter.
  • If your shingles or roof is damaged consult a professional.
  • Always follow roof cleaner directions no matter what you have read elsewhere.

Here are the Don’ts.

  • Soldiers Elite Pressure Cleaning, a local business that offers Pressure Washing in Marietta Georgia, recommends that you should never use a pressure washer on your shingles. This can damage your roof causing a large amount of money to get fixed.
  • Never attempt to clean your roof if you have any underline conditions or even poor balance. It’s better to not risk falling than have a clean roof.
  • Never try to clean the roof where there is apparent damage. You should inspect your roof before starting any cleaning process.

Last Thing Before You Leave.

You can check out more information at DIY.com and/or this instructional YouTube video. Remember to stay safe and be thoroughly informed before committing to any job such as these. Stay Blessed.