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windows or siding first

Should I Install Windows or Siding First?

You are wanting to put the new siding on your home, but should you put the siding first or the windows? This is a very important question. You would want to take the proper steps to ensure that your home is secure from air flow and even water damage, so it is pertinent to make sure that you seal your home up properly.

No worries, we will take this step by step and I will even give you some links that may even help you further along with this process!

What Comes First?

Well, if you are looking to buy one project at a time such as windows then siding or vice versa then I must say that is not a good idea. Generally, people get both done at the same time. I understand that is not always the case though. Sometimes people only do one project per six months or once a year and you really don’t want to wait around doing siding especially if the siding is damaged and needs to be replaced quickly. Angie’s List has some information on this issue.

For the most part, I see that whatever has the need for the most attention should come first but if you plan on doing both it is ideal to go ahead and do both the windows and the siding at the same time. It makes it easier to do it all at once too. It leaves only one mess and one big project to do that way you won’t feel like your home is always under construction.

I Am Installing Windows and Siding, Which One Comes First?

Now, if you have decided to have both projects done at the same time, one will need to be installed first. NorthGuard Windows and Doors, a specialist in Vaughan window replacement says, the windows would come first in this scenario. The reason being is that it gives the contractors time to set the window in just how it needs to be. It gives just the right amount of space to secure the foil that helps secure and air proofs your windows. It can be hard to do that when siding is in the way. With the siding off and out of the way, it makes for a better passage for the contractor to do his work.

Also, if the windows are of different sizes it gives the contractor a chance to make some custom changes so the window will fit properly. SFGATE has a web page for how to install them yourself but it is very informational on the installation of windows before siding and why you should go in that order. Nevertheless, you can install the siding first if you have already started on that. It is just more beneficial to start with the windows.

Tips When Installing Siding Yourself

If you plan on installing the siding to your home yourself, I would like to give you a few tips. For starters always work with a partner. This gets the job done quickly and your workload is lighter. The most important reason why you should work with a partner is the safety aspect. Safety is key in any situation. Being on a ladder and nailing things into place can pose a hazard as with any hard work. It is always good to have a second pair of eyes and arms.

Another great tip is the siding that you buy. Just getting simple installing siding can make the job go really fast. There is siding that simply clips into place which eliminates the stressful need to nail in every single piece. The job goes by fast and you are less tired because there is less work in installing it.

Before you start installing or buying anything you should always measure first. They say measure twice then cut once. In this case, you should measure first before you even buy. This will tell you just how much siding you will need for the entire project on your home.

Another key thing to remember to do is to use a level. You do not want your siding to be going at an angle. That can cause water issues and it can also just look terrible. You should check the course as you go along in the installing process.

Make sure that you have plenty of air flow for yourself too. This will make the job go by in a breeze. Extra extension cords and some fans will do the trick. You can find a lot of useful tips and information on the DIY’s webpage. It even warns of placing a grill to close to the house. That can mess up siding quick.


No matter the case, you can install whichever you like first, but it makes it easier to put the windows in first. Remember to always use safety!