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How to Decorate Your Front Yard with Rocks

How to Decorate Your Front Yard with Rocks

There are so many different ways to decorate your front yard. If you are considering decorating your front yard with rocks, you should check out some of these really cool and unique ways below. Depending on what type of rocks you are interested in, you can have a nice looking front yard in a matter of hours. Palm Desert Landscaping Service, a landscaper in Palm Desert, has detailed many of the different options you can use in your yard below.

A Rocky Path

One of the most traditional ways to decorate a front yard is to create a rocky path. Normally, a path that leads to the front door from the driveway is a nice way to decorate. It shows a clear path to the front door without having much traffic along the grass or flower beds. Plus, it is a stunning design. You can line the rock path with bricks or larger rocks to hold all the smaller rocks in path. Try different colors too.

Try a Rock Garden

Another way to decorate a front yard with rocks is to create a flower bed. Instead of using mulch in the flower bed, you can use smaller rocks. This will not only serve as a mulch but it will keep weeds out while adding a clean and beautiful touch. You can even get different shapes of rocks to add a more intriguing design.

White to Brown with Border

You can decorate a front yard without flowers using just rocks, too. Did you know that you can even create designs within the rocks? Try using larger rocks to create a zigzag or even a wavy line. Then place brown rocks  on one side and white rocks on the opposite side. This makes a stunning design yet is so simple to create.

Rocks and Stones Can Make a Path

If you are wanting a more solid walkway to walk on, then you can consider using stones. All you have to do is level the ground and then lay the stones in the path that you create. Once that is done, you can take the rocks and line the stones. You can use all different shades of rock or the rock color of your choice.

Fountains of Rocks

A barrel turned on its side with rocks flowing out is great touch. Or maybe even a water fountain that is surrounded by rocks. This can be a much more difficult task, but it is very stunning once finished. There are tons of water fountains to choose from.

Rocks Surrounding Trees

Sometimes by placing rocks around trees, it can serve two purposes. With larger trees, it helps cover roots and protects the lawnmower while looking very decorative. You can use larger rocks to surround the tree and then place smaller rocks on the inside or other plants of your choice.

You can check out some photos of this design at Hunker.

Front Yard Patio

While a lot of people opt to have a patio in the back yard, some people like being out front. You can create a beautiful front yard patio by laying some stone or rocks. This can be done in any design you wish. It can be a triangular shape, a square, or even a circle if you wish. After the rock is placed, just put the patio furniture of your choice out on the rock.

A Rocky Pond

One of the most beautiful designs for a front yard using rock is the pond design. Some people even choose to put koi in the pond. Even if it is an empty pond, it still has an elegant touch. Once the pond is placed, simply add the rocks along the side of the pond however you wish.

Fire and Rocks

One way to decorate a front yard with rocks is to create a place to burn. If you like having a little fire on cold nights, you can lay rocks around the area where the fire will be. This protects the grass and creates a safe place to burn a log or two. It adds a beautiful touch when placing rock down and then putting a burn pit on top.

By purchasing a burn pit for this project, you will not only keep the area secure, but the rocks will be cleaner. This keeps everything looking nice like the day you decorate it. The rocks will not get dirty when using a properly working burn pit.

I hope that all the above information has showed you some ways on how to decorate a front yard with rocks. Use these ideas or combine them to let your imagination run wild!