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How to Make Your Front Yard Look Nice

How to Make Your Front Yard Look Nice

You may want to spruce up your front yard for curb appeal or if you are trying to add value to your home. It may be daunting to decide what to do with your yard, as well as figuring out what it will cost you and what you are willing to spend. You also may love doing yard work on a good weather day. It all comes down to a few important components of your yard, says Edgewater Pond, a trusted Hackettstown landscape contractor.

So, how do you make your front yard look nice? You can do a number of things, however, the cost of various items will vary. You can do some landscaping to help control any plants in your yard or add to them.

Also, doing some home maintenance can make it and your yard look brand new. You can also add structures like a birdbath or a fire pit.

This article will go into detail on how you can promote any of these actions in your yard and make it look great. Even if you do one or two of these mentioned ideas, your yard will look ten times better.

Depending on what you pick to do, it may not cost very much either! It can make your yard look great for yourself or to add some value if you want to sell.

Landscaping Can Make Your Yard Look Great!  

Trim those overgrown bushes. Keeping the bushes in your front yard trimmed will give a more polished look to your front yard. It will also help from covering parts of your yard, like your front porch or furniture. Overgrown bushes that are too close to your walls can also damage the paint or even your windows if the bushes are very large.

Tend to your lawn. Any lawn that isn’t kept a pristine length can look overgrown. This may give the impression that you don’t care for your home very often or at all. Most abandoned homes have super long lawns, so you may be giving off that impression to potential buyers or your neighbors. Nobody wants to give that impression!

Create those nice edges. You can use a power edger or rent a trowel to create those sharp edges between your bushes and garden, or lawn and sidewalk. Similar to tending to your lawn, creating nice edges gives another layer of appeal and shows others that you care for your lawn and home. Also, you put effort into maintaining your home.

Pick those weeds! Weeds can take away from all the hard work you put into gardening and trimming your lawn and garden. You can use a weeder tool that will help pick those weeds without hurting your back or knees. You can use a weed killer spray to keep weeds away as well. Keeping those weeds away will help make your yard look maintained and cared for.

Some Good Ol’ House Maintenance

Give your house a new coat of paint. It is simple enough to complete on a long weekend with enough help. It will help make your front yard look newer and more taken care of in comparison to not doing it. It will also add value to your home and make it more desirable if you plan on selling it. Or just want to impress the neighbors.

Power wash your walls. If painting isn’t necessary for the front of your home, then you can power wash it to get off some of the grime and dirt. This can be great after a season change or heavy weather. This can give the same effect of a brand new house by taking away the dirt that makes it look older and unkempt.

Add Structures To Your Yard

Set up a birdbath. This can add a great look to your yard as well as bring some wildlife into your yard. It can add a nice touch put by a nearby tree. If you are an avid bird watcher, you’ll be happy to see how many birds it brings to your yard. It will also add great appeal to the passerby or interested buyer.

Get an old bench. It’s easy to find an old bench for cheap at a yard sale or antique shop. You can easily touch it up or leave it as is for the old weathered look. You can place this bench under a tree or near your garden to help add structure to your yard as well as spruce it up. Not to mention it can provide you with a great place to sit and enjoy your own yard.


We’ve discussed how you can make your yard look nice. You can do some landscaping, house maintenance, or adding structures to your yard. Consider doing any of these things to make your yard look better than ever!