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How Long Do Laptops Last?

How Long Do Laptops Last?

Knowing how long a laptop lasts is important. You might have a laptop that has some issues. You might be buying a new laptop soon. This likely has you asking some questions. How long a laptop lasts varies by many factors. Here’s everything you need to know about a laptop‘s lifespan.

What Factors Affect How Long a Laptop Lasts?

As mentioned, there are several factors that play into a laptop’s lifespan. There’s not one single answer that’s true of all laptops. One factor includes the laptop’s manufacturer and price. As explained by Certified Phone Repair, who specializes in laptop repair, if you buy an inexpensive laptop, it may not last as long as a pricier one. There are exceptions to this.

Another factor is the age of the laptop. As technology improves, laptops are lasting longer. If you buy used or refurbished devices, the same is true. The older ones have likely been used more than the newer ones. Again, there are exceptions.

How much you use a laptop is important. Heavy use may have some effect on how long it lasts. If you download a lot of applications on your laptop, you will also slow things down.

How Long Does a Laptop Last?

According to Chron, a laptop lasts an average of three to five years. An average laptop lasts three years. A higher-end laptop lasts five years. The laptop may still work beyond those five years. It will start to slow down or may have issues. You may not be able to download new software. Some applications won’t work either. This can then affect the functionality of your laptop.  

Some manufacturers do this on purpose. This is called planned obsolescence. It happens with technology and in other areas too. For this reason, your laptop may not last as long as it should. You might not be able to download the latest software to keep your laptop running smoothly.

How to Make Laptop Last Longer

There are a few different ways that you can make your laptop last longer. You will need to replace your laptop eventually. These things can help your laptop function well and stay in great shape. 

Try a Solid State Drive

A solid-state drive is a cheap way to extend the life of your laptop. They help your computer startup faster. They keep your computer cool. Your entire computer should run quickly with a solid-state hard drive. 

Upgrade the Memory 

Upgrading the memory will allow your laptop to run quickly. Often, laptops come with little memory. An easy upgrade can speed things up. Your laptop will last longer too.

Replace the Battery 

The main reason that people use laptops is their portability. With that, a good battery is needed. One way to make your laptop last longer is to replace the battery. This is an inexpensive fix compared to buying a new laptop. If the battery is the only issue, you can extend the life of your laptop.

According to PC World, a battery replacement can cost up to $150. If your laptop needs a new battery, compare that cost to a new laptop. Consider that you may need to hire someone to replace the battery, making the fix more expensive.

Prevent Damage

Some types of accidents and damage can ruin your computer. Be careful with your computer. Try not to drop it or spill liquids on it. Buying a protective case can be helpful.

When to Replace Your Laptop

If your laptop seems to be on its way out, it might be time for a replacement. According to Netbook News, there are things to look for. You should compare these things to how your laptop was when you first got it. 

First, you should look for any stutters. Your laptop may be lagging. If it’s slower than it used to be, it may need to be replaced. A lagging laptop can be frustrating to use. 

Another time to replace your laptop is if it takes a while to turn on. The operating system may boot slowly. 

Over time, you may run into display issues. These include bright white spots and flickers. The screen might also go black. This can make your laptop hard to use. 

Another issue is when your laptop functions slowly. You might experience lags or delays. Even switching tabs can take a while with delays. 

Finally, you might get a blue screen. This is never a good thing. It might happen when an application crashes. 


In general, expect a laptop to last three to five years. The actual lifespan can vary by brand, age, usage, and more. Fortunately, there are ways to make a laptop last longer. Some repairs are affordable and make a big difference. In some cases, it may be better to replace your laptop.