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How To Hire a Band for a Wedding

How To Hire a Band for a Wedding (4 Tips)

On your list is tasting cake. You’ve got to get your dress altered. You’ve got to finalize the flower arrangements.

Is hiring a band for your wedding on your list, too?

When planning a wedding, there are so many activities to plan, tasks to complete and things to discuss. It’s easy to be quickly overwhelmed.

Finding a band that’s within your budget and who plays the music you like may just seem like an unnecessary task when picking a DJ tends to be easier.

Yet choosing a band for your wedding rather than a DJ can enhance the level of entertainment at your wedding reception.

And hiring a band for your wedding doesn’t have to be a challenging and long process, either.

Here, we share four tips to help guide you in selecting the perfect band for your wedding reception.

1. Choose a Band Soon

First, select the date, venue, budget and make other immediate decisions about your wedding. And, your band should be toward the top of that list of important things to do.

An article from Martha Stewart Weddings quotes Glenn Carvin in saying that some very popular bands are scheduled and booked at least a year out.

If you have a specific idea of who you want to play at your wedding, be sure to start searching as soon as you can to make sure they’re available for your big day.

2. Decide What Kind of Music You Want

Asher Laub of Fiddlers Dream Music, who provides Long Island live band and DJ entertainment, says when it comes to deciding on a band, there are many options to choose from to get the party started. From large orchestras to a solo act, a duo or a five-member band, the size of your band can vary.

Are you and your fiancé fans of the string quartet or a rock’n’roll group that can get people up on their feet. There’s no “wrong” answer to what kind of band you choose. Just be sure it’s something both you and your fiancé enjoy and will fit the occasion well.

Knowing what kind of music you want to have at your wedding reception is an important first step to decide. Once you know the genre, you can begin your search for area groups who are available and within your budget.

3. Ask Questions

Once you know what kind of music you want, it’s time to start searching. Discover bands through agencies, attending events, reading reviews and asking around.

Once you find someone you like, ask some questions.

If you’re someone who likes to plan, knowing details of what’s involved in selecting a particular band will clear up issues that may arise later on.

Amy Levin-Epstein from The Knot provides 22 questions that you should be sure to ask your band before you book them.

Questions include asking about the music style, requesting songs, extra rentals and set-up process. You’ll also want to know how they perform on stage and what their presence is like.

Asking to visit an event they perform at can help you see them in action and give you a better sense of if they’re the right band for your wedding.

Ask them about what previous events they’ve performed at. Have they performed at many other weddings or tend to stick to the local coffee shop scene?

Do some digging before settling on one band. Make sure you have a good sense of their experience level, what kind of songs you can expect them to play and whether they’ll be a good fit for your big day.

4. Make Sure They’re Professional

One of the biggest red flags in choosing a band for your wedding is a lack of professionalism. In an article from Event Source, Matt Humphreys notes that there should be easy communication between the band and you.

If the band you’ve been set on shows up late to meetings, act unprepared in answering your questions or providing information, watch out. If they show up late to a meeting, what’s to say they won’t show up late for your actual wedding reception.

In maintaining professionalism, Humphreys also says that there should be a contract and a deposit request. He says that a contract protects both the vendor and you as the client.

If you were selling a service or product, you’d act professional and relatable. In selecting a band for your big day, make sure they show that same level of professionalism as well.

Ensure that the band provides clarity into the plethora of details involved in planning a wedding. Will they serve as the emcee? Do they know the schedule? Are they able to stick to the schedule? Confirm these questions before signing that contract.

Find Someone You Like

Yes, there’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding. And if you let it, all the planning and details can be overwhelming.

Yet with these easy tips, you can be well on your way to choosing a wedding band that sets the tone for the reception and helps get your party started. By choosing the right band, you can provide a wedding reception your guests will enjoy and never forget.