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Best Facebook Messenger Bot Service

Best Facebook Messenger Bot Services Reviewed

The best way to amp up your business is with a Facebook messenger bot. But even better a messenger bot that responds to comments on pictures and posts posted by your readers.

Shane Perry Marketing (website) tells us that Facebook is the leading social network and it is the perfect ground for promoting your business. It gives you a chance to advertise and display great customer support. People will see how quickly you respond to consumers and a message bot is perfect for completing such tasks without having to pay for a crew of people to constantly monitor the Facebook feed.

I will give you some information on how to get started and some pointers to the best Facebook messenger bot services with abilities to respond to reader comments.

The First Is ManyChat

Messenger Bot Service

ManyChat is one of the top chatbot marketing applications out there. It provides service in areas of sales, support, and marketing.

On ManyChat’s website, you can try out their services. It shows you just what the bot does and how it helps complete the needs of marketing, sales and customer support. With an easy click, you will be on your way for a free little sample at ManyChat.com.

It works four times better than emailing potential customers causing services! ManyChat provides responses in real time and the great thing is, it does not send the same automated responses every time but rather it personalizes what it sends based on the customer’s response and you do not have to react at all.

You can relax and enjoy the service as customers are pleased with the results. You also have the option to do live chat which keeps the service personal too. It can be hard to reach people and ManyChat helps accomplish that. If interested, you can check out more information on the site. It does build your bot within minutes and does not require any coding.

Another Great App Service is ChatFuel.


Chatfuel helps build customer engagement in no time and in turn, builds your business’s lead funnel. Like ManyChat, it does not require any coding to build the bot and it is able to be used in no time at all.

It does not cost a thing to get started with the service. ChatFuel has a diversity of template styles that allow you can create the perfect app no matter your line of business. The personal avatar that comes with this system answers all the frequently asked questions about your business or product. It is a personal chatbot that fills the needs of the people in a quick yet efficient way.

Not only does it do those cool things, it can even set up event reminders for upcoming projects or parties. It can help direct your audience and make things run smoothly for your business. If a mistake is ever made or you don’t like something, you can change it easily. There is no programming needed with ChatFuel.

They are in the business of building of bots to promote your business and they do well of that. It is a smart service and recognizes the needs of the users and answers them appropriately. You can check out their website at ChatFuel.com.

Last but Certainly Not Least Is Itsalive.io

Itsalive.ioItsalive creates engaging web content that acts on an automated system. They offer a personal conversation that helps access answers to the questions people may be having about your product for business. It helps prevent overloading of information too.

Itsalive responds in real time offering the fastest service that real people may not be able to compete with when there are multiple requests at once. They give an instant response! With Itsalive you can manage the content. You do not need any coding skills to be able to operate the system either. It also helps get the word out.

Itsalive produces recurring content through messenger for all subscribers. Another little thing that I like about this service is the ability to create mini quizzes. People love taking quizzes and this just helps them engage and brings more influx of people to hear and read about what you are promoting.

Updates and deals are pertinent to building up your audience and Itsalive sends out deals and updates automatically with the bot, making it super easy to handle everything.

You can find out more information that is incredibly useful and makes your life so much easier at itsalive.io.

Another great thing I almost forgot to add was that to get started it is free. I love free stuff! For real though, there are monthly plans that vary to fit everyone’s needs. It does not seem pricey at all and is definitely worth checking out.

Here Are Some Last Thoughts.

All of the above services are great to use and make running promotions and customer support much easier and the price is well worth every penny. Don’t hesitate to check out these services.