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low rent houses in houston

How Do I Find Low Rent Houses In Houston?

Are you looking to move to Houston or already live in Houston, but looking to rent? Renting can be expensive. Trying to find the right place for you and your needs, can be a difficult feat. But with the help of Houston-based Residential Leasing & Management (ResidentialLeasing.net), we’ll give you some tips to find the low rent homes in Houston.

Why Rent In Houston?

Before you decide on renting in Houston let me tell you a little bit about the area. Houston is a very large city located in Texas. In fact, Houston is very well populated. It is the most populated city not just in Texas, but the entire United States of America. It became a city in 1837 and it certainly has grown!

A Little About The Schools in Houston

Houston, Texas is home to several great schools. They have very high ratings and that says a lit for a well-populated area! I want to go over some of the great schools that are in Houston. This will help give you a roundabout area that you may be looking to move if you have any children school aged.

Harmony Public Schools
Harmony Public School is a very large charter school network in Houston, Texas. It provides educational services to more than 30,000 students. That is a lot of children! They have grade starting in kindergarten all the way through to the 12th grade. It has 3500 faculty members.

Awty International School
Not interested in public school? Well, there are private schools in Houston with high ratings! The Awty International School is a private based school that is home to 1,550 students. They start education as early as pre-kindergarten all the way through the 12th grade. Their colors are green and gold with the ram as a mascot.

Cypress Christian School
Cypress Christian School is a non-profit Christian private school that has about 686 students. It has been around since 1978. Their mascot is the warrior with white and blue colors. They have a four-star rating on google.

You can find more information at www.google.com with the keyword search “Schools In Houston”. This is not a complete list of schools. I figured I would give you a ballpark figure on some of the schools in the area that way you could have an idea. Let’s move onto more information about the Houston area.

How Much Is Rent In Houston?

Depending on the different areas of Houston, the price may vary. There is a generally high amount of rent and a generally low amount. I will go over some of the different price ranges with you by breaking them down into separate categories. Such as the family home and studio apartments. It all depends on what you are looking for real.

A Studio Apartment in Houston

If you are going solo or maybe just a couple, a studio is a good option. It is great if you do not need much space. The lowest price of a studio apartment starts at about $550. It can range all the way up to $825. The prices change depending on the place. The average is about $800.

A Low Rent Single Family Home in Houston

A single-family home rental price changes depending on how many rooms you may want and some other factors. There are townhomes for reasonable prices as well as condominiums. However, the price of a 2 bedroom single family home can start at $800 and only go up. A 3 bedroom can start at $900.

Zillow.com has a lot of listings on their website. You can look at pictures of the homes for rent and much more. Trulia.com also has a lot of listing. Both sites have over 2,000 listings for homes to rent in Houston, Texas.

Deposits and Other Fees

If you have a pet or multiple pets, it may be difficult to find a place that does not charge an additional deposit. Some places are breed specific.This means that only certain dogs are allowed to be on the property. So, it is good to call the place and ask first. Sometimes a pet deposit will be a one time fee while other places may charge on a monthly basis. The one-time fee is usually the case. And it is refundable if there is no damage to the home when you leave.

You can find more information o your rights as a tenant in Houston, Texas at www.houstontx.gov.

While the prices of homes in Houston greatly depend on what you or your family may need, it does reach a median of around $850. I have uploaded a link to a youtube video to give you a little more information about the Houston area that I believe you will enjoy. Hope all this info helps.