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what is the best way to clean a bbq grill

What is the Best Way to Clean a BBQ Grill?

After all of the Summer cookouts and birthday barbeques that you host during the year, your grill is going to need a thorough cleaning. Scrubbing for hours is probably the last thing that you want to spend your time doing, but there are easier ways to get your grill back to new again.

Use a Vacuum and Soak the Grates

The trick to easy grill cleaning is thinking outside of the box. If your vacuum cleaner has a hose attachment, you can utilize this trick from Popular Mechanics (http://www.popularmechanics.com/home/food-drink/how-to/a26737/how-to-clean-bbq-grill/) to clean your grill effortlessly. You won’t even have to get your hands dirty! For this method, you’ll need a minimum amount of supplies: dish soap, a large bucket, your vacuum cleaner of choice, and steel polish.

Start by taking your grates out and giving them a long soak. Simply fill the bucket with warm soapy water, and allow them to be submerged while you clean the rest of your grill. The properties in dish soap will naturally remove the grease with ease.

At this point, you’ll  have full access to all of the droppings that have fallen through the grates. You can use your vacuum to quickly get rid of all of the debris. You’ll find this to be way easier than trying to use a sponge.

After the grates have been soaking for a while, you can replace them and give them a simple scrub with a grill brush. Any remaining residue will come off with ease. The last thing that remains is cleaning the exterior. Give your grill a wipe down and finish it off with the stainless steel polish.

Clean It While It’s Warm

This is known as the “steam trick,” according to LPG Gas Blog (http://www.elgas.com.au/blog/387-lazy-mans-guide-to-cleaning-a-gas-bbq) . After you have finished a round of cooking, turn your grill off and wait a few minutes for it to begin cooling down. Once it is at a bearable temperature, you can begin to clean it gently.

Start by disconnecting the propane (if applicable), and sweep over the grates lightly with a cleaning brush to loosen some of the buildup. Take a shallow metal baking sheet and fill it with some water. Once you put the sheet inside of your grill and close the lid, you will notice that a lot of steam will begin to rise – this is what you want!

After a few minutes, you will see the steam starting to disappear. At this point, carefully open the lid of your grill, ensuring that you do not burn yourself on any of the remaining steam. Any residue that was left should be soft now and easy to brush away.

If you always want to make the process of cleaning your grill easy, you can use this method after every time you cook. Once it becomes a habit, cleaning your grill will no longer feel like a chore!

Hire a Professional

If the thought of cleaning your grill by hand isn’t one that you can even fathom, there is another solution.

Bar-B-Clean in Southwest Florida (http://bar-b-clean.com/swflorida) is the leading professional in the grill cleaning industry and voted Naples’ best grill cleaning service. Not only limited to the east coast, they have over a dozen other locations to choose from throughout the United States, showcasing that their team is committed to excellence.

From deep cleaning to degreasing, even a simple polishing job, you can find the services that best suit your needs. Not only are you saving yourself the time and effort, but you are also able to purchase products to keep your grill clean in between services.

Another benefit is that Bar-B-Clean also has access to parts distributors. If your grill is in need of more than just a cleaning, they can consult you on what maintenance is required, obtain the correct parts, and replace them for you.

No matter the style or model of your grill, their team can clean it, leaving you with a sterile and good-as-new result. With such a wide rage of services, it is clear to see why customers give them such amazing reviews!

Using Other Tips and Tricks

In between your semi-annual deep cleanings, you can also utilize a few tricks that will help to keep your grill clean.Using oil on your grates when you cook will help to prevent anything from sticking. Simply taking a paper towel with a little bit of oil on it to your grill before cooking can be very efficient.

Cleaning the exterior of your grill frequently will also boost the appeal. Try to wipe it down and use polish on it at least once per month to keep the outside looking fresh. When you aren’t using it, make sure to keep it covered!

Owning a grill does not have to be a chore if you have all of the knowledge at hand. Enjoy your burgers and steaks without that dreaded feeling of having to scrub for hours!