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Primitive and Rustic Country Home Decor

Primitive and Rustic Country Home Decor Ideas

Decorating your own home with rustic country home decor or even a single room can be an extremely fun project. Rocky Mountain Design Interiors, a Bozeman interior design firm, tells us that more and more people are taking a turn towards traditional interior design which allows them to escape the digital pressures from work, and focus on family communication.

It goes without saying that many countryside dwellers are maintaining their rustic decor to suit the demeanor and heritage of their home, but more city homes are installing more traditional style decor and furniture to lessen the contemporary edge that many city homes have adopted.

Use of wood and natural materials

In rustic country home decor, wood is your best friend. It’s a natural material that is easily found in the countryside.

It’s also durable that makes it a great material for hardworking countryside homes, and family homes with children running around.

Wood can be used in almost all of your furniture, your kitchen cabinets and surfaces, doors, windows, and shelving.

Any color or style of wood works best, but for a very rustic style, you might want to sand any wood so it’s untreated and raw, and any wood with lots of knots is truly rustic.

Other natural materials, especially stone, are popular and will make a great addition to a rustic home. People are often scared that stone won’t keep a home warm without any insulation, but country homes with traditional back boilers or gas will heat the entire home fast.

Just keep an eye on those energy bills! You can also purchase superficial wall cladding in brick and stone to give the impression of an exposed wall, but one that won’t give you as much exposure to the elements if you live in cooler climates.

Untreated and un-sanded stone works best; its rough edges give your home a quirky countryside style and it works as a feature in itself.

Clay tiles for flooring or wall decoration will also turn a plain and simple wall or floor into a rustic country feature.

Rustic home decor’s renaissance

Rustic home decor has had a renaissance in recent years with the “shabby chic” trend. As we know, fashions come and go but this trend in particular is showing longevity. It’s very much open to interpretation, as the best trends always are, but its focus on vintage and worn furniture, mismatched prints, neutral and pastel colors and emphasis on entertaining and dining is a perfect match for rustic style homes.

Shabby chic is an amalgamation of glamorous, kitsch, and dainty features, and worn and rustic furniture.

What colors go best with Rustic home decor?

As for color, anything goes in rustic country home decor, but for added authenticity, you should stick to neutral tones or tones that are slightly warm or cool that can be neutralized.

When you’re planning your color palette, don’t forget to consider your harder feature such as walls and fireplaces, as the color of these can make an impact on your room.

Cream and white are great neutralizers and won’t make the room feel empty as long as you include plenty of decorative items and textures.

What is Primitive country home decor?

Primitive country home decor is basically decorating using the most basic things that you can find in nature. Based on how our primitive ancestors lived, primitive country is the use of materials such as earth, plants, water, fire and air. Every single material is important in creating this primitive look in your home and you will be surprised how relaxing, cozy and impressive this decorating style is, despite the primitive look.

What colors go best with Primitive country home decor?

When you say primitive country home decor there are only a few wonderful colors to choose from for your walls. Colors such as green, brown, red, white, orange and black are the most common hues. These colors may be mixed and matched or may be used individually. Primitive designs are also about texture and this is evident in rough walls, walls decorated with fabrics, walls with unique tribal decor and so on.

What furniture goes best with Primitive country home decor?

Furniture pieces with the primitive country flair are all about using textured prints over sofas and armchairs. It is also about using carved wood, wooden furniture pieces and also wrought iron elements too. You can find beds made of wonderfully-detailed wrought iron or sofas with intricate carvings on the arms and legs. Expect wonderful dining sets too, also loaded with terrific tribal designs, carvings and accents.

The different accents and ornaments that you have in your room will make it evident if you are using primitive country decor. In this theme you can find interesting accents with amazing details such as dried twigs on tall vases, ceramics with tribal or natural designs, intricately-carved idols, wooden artifacts, and accents made from teeth, ivory, bone and stones and so on.


Lighting is a very important factor in primitive country designs and large windows or patio doors are never underestimated during the day time. But at night, the room is lit with the use of pendant lighting or mood lighting placed strategically in the room. These could be placed in the middle or along the sides of the room to illuminate an interesting piece or artifact. Illuminating valuable treasures and finds are also an option and therefore track lighting or spot lighting is a really great option.

Another alternative in the evening, is to light the space with numerous candles placed in various areas of the room.

This creates a wonderful glow over your primitive country home décor.