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guitar lessons for kids what age to start

Guitar Lesson For Kids, What Age To Start?

Has your child been asking about guitar lessons? Maybe your child has shown an interest in guitars and you are wondering when would be a good time to start him/her on some lessons? These are all good signs. But, when is the right age? You don’t want to start too soon or too late.

How Young is too Young to Learn the Guitar?

Kids can soak up a lot of information. Their brains are like little sponges for the first several years of their life. Think about all the things you learn as a child. It is a lot! All the necessary things your child needs to survive are being taught since birth. For instance, how to eat, go to the bathroom, how to communicate, and much more.

So, they soak up a lot of info. Would adding guitar lessons be too much at a young age? Definitely not! Let me rephrase that, maybe. You see, it really depends on the child. At a young age, kids gain and lose interest in many things. As I learned from my guitar instructor (link) who gives me guitar lessons in Omaha, you don’t want them to feel defeat and lose interest entirely in it. Most children under 6 are not ready for guitar lessons. Not all, just most.

Should I Forbid the Guitar Until After Six?

Absolutely not! Just because a child may not be ready for guitar lessons does not mean that they are not ready to learn. Guitar lessons cost money. Paying for lessons at this time is really a waste. You can teach them all the things that a child under 6 years of age should know about guitars yourself.

Let me give you some things to do with your child that will prepare them for guitar lessons:

  • You can teach a child respect of any musical instrument. You can do this by allowing them to play guitar freely. (You may want to purchase one that is inexpensive-just in case.) And let them play and access to it. Setting the guitar in a different tone usually helps with the noise issue. Let them strum away, even if they aren’t playing real chords.
  • Be Positive. Showing them that you think they are cool will encourage them to play more. This will give them the confidence that they will need when it comes to really trying to learn some chords. It also will set the stage for less stage fright if they ever play in front of people. It allows them to be comfortable with their own talents.
  • Be A Role Model. If you can play, play with them. There is no one our kids look up to more than their parents. They admire us. Playing guitar sets a good example. Even if you don’t know how to play, play it like they do. They will think you are cool, funny, and trying even though you don’t know how.
  • Turn On The Radio. When you and your child are listening to music, point out the guitarist in the song. This will help your child here the difference in the instruments. It will also develop an ear for the sound of guitars.

www.takelessons.com has more information if you find the time!

What If You Think You Child Is Ready?

There are a number of things that you will notice when your child is demonstrating a desire for lessons. These signs are great indicators that your child is ready. Let’s go over some together.

  • Has Good Motor Skills. This usually does not happen until after a certain age. If your child does not have good motor skills yet, guitar lessons may prove to be too earlier or even discourage the child to want to play. It is crucial to wait until their motor skills are fully developed.
  • Interest Level Is High. Make sure your child is showing a great interest in the guitar. If they aren’t interested it will be a waste of time. It will go through one ear and out the other.
  • Focus Focus Focus. Can your child focus? If your child is not ready to sit down and focus, it may be a bit early. It is always good to wait until your child is prepared to sit down and listen to a lesson. A lot of the first lessons are more brain work than hands on. Your child’s mind has to be able to focus on the lesson. If your child is not focusing, it is probably too early.

You can find more information at www.mrmusicacademy.com.

I hope that you found all of this information useful. I know that it can be difficult to access whether your child is at the right age. No worries, if they aren’t ready now, they should be later. There is plenty of time even though it seems like it flies by. You can find more info on this youtube video link.