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How Long Does It Take to Process a Rental Application

How Long Does It Take to Process a Rental Application?

You have completed the first step towards renting a new home, filling out and turning in your rental application. Now you are probably wondering just how long it is going to take to get an answer so you can begin the moving process. So how long should you expect to wait? Whether your goal is to lease an apartment or house, rental applications typically take anywhere between one to three business days to process, according to South Bay Property Management (http://www.southbay-propertymanagement.com/). There are, however, some things that can speed up and slow down this process that you should know to avoid any delay.

How to Speed Up the Application Process

Everyone wants the fastest application process possible.  There are a few ways you can achieve this goal that you are completely within your control.

  • Be sure to have all your information handy. This includes any documents requested on the application, like check stubs, bank statements, and/or tax documents. Not all places will require you to have the same things, but generally it will be similar from place to place. Try to take a day to gather all the documents needed. That will cut down on the time you take filling out the application and the time it takes to get it processed because you already have everything turned in.
  • Make sure all the information on the application is complete and true. Contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses should be gone over to ensure they are correct so the agency or landlord can reach you with any information or questions regarding your application.
  • You should have any fees associated with the application ready. Some places charge for the application itself and others could require money for background checks or credit checks. It’s best to not turn in the application until you have the money because the application will be delayed until then anyway.
  • Bring a referral letter from a previous landlord. If this is an option for you, it can help in so many ways! It will give the rental agency or landlord answers to typical questions they have about their potential tenant. It will assure them you are trustworthy, will pay your rent on time, and will take care of the property. It will also give you a better chance of getting picked when there are multiple candidates.

Reasons for Delays

Sometimes applications can be delayed. It could be something to do with the rental agency, or it could be a mistake on your part. Some common reasons for delays include:

  • Not having all the information needed to proceed. If they don’t have everything from you that is required to process an application, this will delay the application process. As mentioned above, try to have all the information ready on the day you turn in your application.
  • Lost paperwork will delay the process. Everyone is human and makes mistakes, so it is possible that someone could misplace your paperwork or even your whole application. It isn’t often that this happens. Most places are organized and have all their paperwork in a safe place.
  • You may come across apartment management that is disorganized. Applications could get processed before yours that were turned in after yours, or your application could be just sitting on the desk underneath other paperwork. That is why it is vital to always call and check on your application to make sure the process is started.
  • Background and credit checks can take a while. Most times, credit checks take no time and unless there is reason for concern in your credit history, it shouldn’t cause much of a delay. According to Trulia, background checks can take up to two business days to come back. This could be the sole reason for delay when it comes to your rental application and there’s not a whole lot you can do about this one.

Following Up

Don’t wait on the rental agency to get in touch with you. If it’s been two or three days and you haven’t gotten a call or email, it’s smart to call them to check on it. It also keeps you fresh on their minds and lets them know you genuinely want to rent from them.

Some businesses are busy and have many applications to process, so always try to be patient and understanding during this time. A simple call should solve all your worries. It gives you peace of mind that your application is being worked on and it lets you know if you need any additional information to proceed with the application.

Don’t Worry!

Whether it’s because you followed up or that the rental agency or landlord is just phenomenal, rest assured that your application will almost always be processed within a speedy time frame. If for any reason you don’t hear from them, call again or make a trip up there to find out what’s going on.

Your main job after turning in your application is to stay on top of it. This helps everything fall into place faster.