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How to Clean Carpet Without A Machine

How to Clean Carpet Without A Machine

Cleaning your carpet is something that has to be done over time to keep it clean and have our home smelling fresh. The benefits are endless. What if you do not have a machine, though? No problem! You can still clean your carpet, and I am going to give you some tips on how to do so!

Where Do You Start?

This is really simple. If you have a bucket or large bowl get that handy. A brush that is used for scrubbing your bathtub works well. Any brush is good, though. Last is warm water. Never cold! Warmer water seems to help lift up dirt and debris better.

What Carpet Cleaner Do I Use?

Did you know that you can use the same soap used for steam cleaners? If this is something you want to do, it is simple! You can purchase the same thing and just put it in your bucket of water. This is a great idea and it really freshens up your carpet. Here are some other ideas below:

Baking Soda.
Simply sprinkle a small bit over a stain and bring some warm water. Pour the water over the stain and gently scrub with your brush or old toothbrush. Dry well with a rag or towel then wipe over with a wet clean rag and then re-dry.

Dish Soap.
You can put as much or as little dish soap in your water as you may like to. Simply swoosh the liquid around in your warm water and soak your brush. Take the wet brush and gently scrub. -Tip. If you are not getting enough liquid pour a small amount onto the carpet.

You can put this into the warm water in a bucket, and scrub away.

Cleaning the entire carpet with any of the solutions above should have your carpet smelling fresh and looking clean. Let us talk about how to scrub the carpet in your home.

How To Go About Cleaning The Entire Carpet Area.

Carpet Cleaning in Friendswood (website) recommends that you should always clean stains as they come along. This prevents them setting in and being harder to remove. Here are some steps below on how to clean your carpet without the use of a steam cleaner. Remember always test a small area and prepare for this earlier in the day on a dry day. That way the floor can dry well.

  • Get your bucket of warm water and brush handy. Have your choice of cleaner ready to use.Have a dry towel ready to use. Maybe, two towels.
  • Clean your floor really good, then vacuum the entire area you plan on cleaning. Make sure the floor is free of all dirt and debris.
  • Mix your cleaner into your bucket of warm water. Start on one side and gently scrub one small area at a time. You will need a dry towel.
  • Do not soak the floor. Do make the floor wet enough to scrub. After a moment go to the next small area. Once done with that are go back to the first area with the dry towel and soak up any water left behind. The floor should feel somewhat damp but not soaked. If soaked redry.
  • Continue this process until the whole area is done. Make sure to dry well with the towel.
  • Turn on any fans and point them toward the carpet.
  • Once the carpet is completely dry, vacuum the floor.

I recommend doing this anytime you feel your carpet may need to be cleaned. You can see and smell a difference in your home once the carpet has been cleaned. This is especially true if you have children or pets.

What About In Between Cleans?

You can maintain healthy clean carpet in between deep cleans by changing up a few things or adding a few things to your home. I have some handy tips that I think may greatly benefit you.

  • Add a rug. If they get dirty you can bring them outside on a sunny day and spray down with a water hose. They are easy to clean and do not require a steam cleaner.
  • Clean stains when they happen. This keeps the floor looking and smelling fresh. You do not have to do the whole room. Just the stain area.
  • Have everyone remove their shoes. This is hard, but it helps. Plus, the number of germs on the bottom of your shoes only contaminate your home.
  • Have a good vacuum cleaner. The better they remove dirt the less dingy look the carpet will have. Even if you do not have a great vacuum cleaner, vacuum often. It fluffs the carpet and keeps dirt off the floor.

My Final Conclusion.

Cleaning carpet without a machine can be a task, but take your time. It does not have to be done all at once. I hope all these tips and tricks helped. You can check out these sites below for more information.