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What Do Professionals Use to Clean Carpets?

What Do Professionals Use to Clean Carpets?

Nothing is better than having a good carpet cleaning done in your home. Over the years, your carpet will start to hold onto a lot of dirt and grime that can fade the color and make it look bad.

Doing a carpet clean at home can be a great way to prolong the life of the carpet, but hiring a professional carpet cleaner is even better. But what items do professionals use to clean carpets?

A professional carpet cleaning service will bring all the items that they need to make your carpets and upholstery look amazing. According to local carpet cleaners in Rochester, NY, Belview Floorcare, this can include a vacuum, pre-spray, a good steam cleaner, chemicals to work on the carpet when necessary, and the right chemicals and brushes to work on the upholstery to make it clean. All of these tools help make your home clean and bright.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the items that a professional carpet cleaner may bring to your home to make your carpets as clean as possible.

What Do Professionals Use to Clean Carpets?

While you can do a basic carpet cleaning in your own home to help the carpets throughout the house look nice and to prevent stains from setting in, nothing works as well as what the professionals can use to help clean off those carpets. Home cleaners will save you money, but professionals are going to be able to use stronger tools to make sure that your carpets get the deep clean that they need.

There are a number of options that a professional is able to use to help get the carpets cleaned. These include:


Before the professional gets started on the room, they will want to do a good vacuum of the whole room. This will not clean the whole carpet on its own, but it can do a good job at picking up some of the pick pieces. When the floor is vacuumed, the carpet cleaner is able to focus more on the deep cleaning without getting stuff stuck inside of it.


If there are a lot of stains on the carpet or some areas that are more high-traffic, then they are going to use a pre-spray to help. They can spray this in the areas with a lot of traffic and leave it there for a bit. Sometimes it will require a little bit of scrubbing to get the stains out. They will be able to bring the brush and everything else with them to help with this.

Steam Cleaner

All professional carpet cleaners are going to use a steam cleaner to get through to the carpet. These steam cleaners are able to get rid of some of the grime and dirt that is found in your rugs, the upholstery, and the carpets around the home. These are often more efficient than the regular carpet cleaners that you can use around your home. They work because they will use a strong suction that will clean up the dirt without harming the rugs or carpets.


It is possible to do a good carpet cleaning in your home without any of the cleaners. This can help protect the carpet and make sure that no damage is done or color is faded out of the carpets at all. For the steam cleaner, you will be able to just rely on the steam and the hot water, along with some suction, to help get the dirt and grime out of the carpet. You can then let it dry and get clean carpets that feel amazing.

Some professional cleaners are going to use some type of cleaning solution though. This can help to get the carpet extra clean and will work on some of those deep stains that get stuck in the carpet. A good stain remover can work on this and the professionals may use a scrubber and a brush to help out with that one.

Ask the professional cleaners which chemicals that they use. You want to make sure that these cleaners will not harm the carpet and can keep it nice and clean for the long term. Some professionals will also use products that are “green”, which makes them safe for the environment. Check for any allergies that you may have.

Tools for Upholstery

For homeowners who are getting the upholstery cleaned in their homes too, there are a few special tools that the professional will use to help out with this. These tools can help to be delicate on the furniture so it is not ruined, while also ensuring that it gets a deep clean. This can include some special upholstery cleaner, brushes to scrub into it, and other fun tools.

Getting a good carpet and upholstery cleaning done in your home is a great option for many homeowners. While you can do a bit of the work on your own with a home carpet cleaner, nothing beats a good deep clean from a professional carpet cleaning company.