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can a tow company keep my car

Can A Tow Company Keep My Car?

It is important to know your rights when it comes to towing. Sometimes a tow company may try to convince you that they can keep your car until you pay the bill. Is this true though? Can they really hold your car hostage for payment? Let us take a look into to that along with your rights.

The Key Major Things To Know.

According to an Oceanside towing services company near me (http://www.24hrtowingoceansideca.com/), Every state is different when it comes to towing rights, but then again, every state is kind of similar. Do not be fooled of your rights when it comes to your car being towed. Different reasons for towing result in different rights that you may have. Let us look into some them.

  • A Repossession Impound
  • A Private Party Impound
  • A Campus or University Impound
  • And A Law Enforcement Impound

Each of these come to different rights that you may have. The course of action depends on the reason your vehicle has been impounded. So, I cannot say a definite yes, or no. It all depends. Let us go over some of the different scenarios, and then we can go from there.

A Repossession Impound.

If your car has been repossessed, it can be difficult to get it back. The best way to prevent your car from getting repossessed is to talk to the bank about your financial situation. Often times they will make a payment deal with you. They do not want to repossess your car as much you do not want them to.

You can hide the car in your garage or locked fence and the tow company cannot come in and get the car. Once you go to the store or leave the gate open, they are free to tow it away and you will not be able to retrieve it unless the bank decides otherwise. You will be responsible for the towing cost too.

  • Communication is key. If you can make an agreement with the bank, your car may not even be impounded. Always try to make best on your word.
  • Sometimes you have to let your car go. Just know that once impounded for repossession you cannot get it back without bank approval which is normally rare. Read over your contract to be certain.

You can find more information at Nolo.com.

A Private Party Impound.

If your car has been towed away by a private party, you may be able to get it back. If you encounter a tow truck driver hooking up your car, and they have not hooked it up completely, you can have them release your car right then and there. If it is already hooked, though, you will have some fees.

Just because you have fees does not mean that the tow company can keep your car hostage for ransom. You will be required to pay the bill, but they cannot make you pay it before you can get your car back. They will be left to billing you. You do not want that on your credit, so pay them as soon as possible.

 Key Tips:

  • If your car is not hooked up on the tow truck, they can release your car.
  • If your car is fully on the tow truck, you will need to pay a fee. Be kind to the tow truck driver. They are just doing their job. It is worth a try to work with them too.
  • Your car cannot be held for payment.
  • You are fully responsible for the tow unless you can prove otherwise.

You can find more information at www.leg.state.

What If The Law Has Your Car Towed?

If your car has been impounded by law enforcement, you may have to pay before release. You see, when the law has your vehicle impounded it is stated that the person can have their vehicle back once the bill is paid, or upon payment. Because of this, it is a contract by the police department.

 Key Points:

  • The tow company cannot legally release your car until the bill is paid.
  • You can talk to the tow company about retrieving your personal items.
  • Once your car has been impounded by the police department, you must pay in order to retrieve your vehicle.

More information on this subject is available at www.legalmatch.com. Every state may vary, so just make sure you find the information about your state!

Some Last Things To Know.

There is usually a towing fee once a car has been impounded. The sooner you get your vehicle out of impoundment, the better. Fees accumulate for each day your car is held there. If you can get your car and pay later, get your car. The longer it sits, the higher the bill.

You can find more information with this informational video. Thanks!