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Are Bay Leaves Good for Killing Roaches?

Are Bay Leaves Good for Killing Roaches?

No one likes having bugs in their home or even in their sheds. Using toxic chemicals can be very dangerous and not something everyone can do especially if they have children or pets. Some may even have allergies where they cannot use certain chemicals. Whatever the reason, there are other ways to get rid of roaches and you can find them all right here!

Do Bay Leaves Work?

One of the biggest questions is if bay leaves will work for killing roaches. The bad news is that bay leaves will not kill roaches. So, why all the raves? Well, bay leaves do serve a purpose against roaches. Even though they do not kill the roaches, they do in fact repel them. You can place bay leaves all over the house to repel roaches.

According to Milwaukee Pest Control Pros, which does pest control in Milwaukee, if you are using bay leaves to repel roaches, it is important to clean the house of crumbs and anything else that attracts roaches. Bay leaves as a repellent work great, but if there is an overwhelming amount of attractions for roaches it may override the repellent effect of bay leaves. This is even true with chemicals. Roaches can be killed, but they will keep coming as long as there are things that attract the roaches.

Speaking of Spices

Another spice that can be used to ward off these gross creatures is garlic. Ever wonder why roaches are not often found in the spice cabinet? Well, apparently, they hate spices! You can take garlic powder or fresh cloves and sprinkle them around certain areas of the house where you may have seen roaches.

One important place to sprinkle bay leaves and garlic is in the kitchen. The kitchen is the main area where roaches go due to the food and crumbs that are left behind after cooking or cleaning.

Baking Soda Can Repel Roaches

Another home remedy to add to bay leaves is the use of baking soda to repel roaches. You will need flour when using baking soda, but the good news is it will kill the roaches, not just repel them. Mix baking soda with some sugar and the roaches will come to eat it. Once they do, they will die in a matter of time.

More information about uses for baking soda can be found at Thank Your Body.

Borax for Roaches

Now you can wash your clothes and remove stains and kill roaches with the same thing, borax. All you have to do is mix it with some flour and pour it around the areas where you know the roaches have been. Just like the baking soda, once ingested the roaches will die in a matter of time. It is poison to roaches.

Want a Spray?

One way to kill roaches is to use a spray. That can be hard to do if you want something that does not have chemicals in it. Plus, sprays to kill roaches get pricier with fewer chemicals in them for some reason. The good news is that there is a way to make a spray at home that will kill roaches effectively.

How to Make the Spray

The spray consists of two things, water and soap. Yes, you read that right. Soap and water can kill roaches. This happens because the soap does not let the roaches escape and the water drowns them in place. So, you do not have to worry about them running when being sprayed with this spray either.

An empty spray bottle can be found at local grocery stores for less than a dollar. Find the place where roaches are hiding in your home and spray away. Be sure that no outlets are sprayed when applying this roach killer.

You can find more information about how to repel roaches in this YouTube video.

Another Useful Spice Is Mint

Another great spice that can certainly freshen up the home is mint. Mint will repel roaches while also smelling fresh. You can place mint leaves in all of the areas in the house that you want to remove the roaches from and rest assured they will not want to come back. You will be amazed at how fresh everything will smell too.

Cats Love Catnip, But Roaches Hate It

Catnip can be used to repel roaches just like bay leaves. The great news about catnip is that it does not attract ants but repels roaches. Another great thing about catnip is that it will not harm animals or children. It makes a great alternative to chemicals.

To make sure the roaches stay gone after using one of these spices, avoid losing any crumbs in between the stove and the counter. Keep counters wiped down and trash removed at night. This along with bay leaves will repel the roaches.