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Why Put Straw Over Grass Seed?

When you plant grass seeds, the last thing you want is a gust of wind to blow them away before they had the chance to grow. Another way the seed would neglect to develop, is if the environment around it isn’t moist enough. One of the ways you can prevent these problems is to put some straw over the top of it.

So, why put straw over grass seed? To help your grass seeds grow and prosper while in a vulnerable state. A gust of wind or dry soil can hinder how the seeds grow, if they grow at all.

The seeds cannot be buried too deep or else they will not get the right amount of heat and moisture. The seeds don’t need much soil to grow.

1st Class Gardening Ltd, a gardening company in London, explains, the straw helps protect and warm grass seed to promote its growth through a process called germination.

It can take up to three weeks for seeds to start growing, which is why it’s important to cover it so they don’t get blown away or not stay warm enough. Protect your grass seeds with some straw!


The Benefits  

The straw will keep the in heat and moisture for your grass seeds. Like we mentioned earlier, grass seeds need both heat and moisture to grow and thrive. Without one or the other, the seeds will die. Using straw over grass seeds will give it that extra protection while it’s fragile. It will save you time and money from having to replant and reseed your grass.

It covers the seeds from sunlight. Too much sunlight can injure or even kill the grass seeds, which will force you to replant them. The extra coverage will protect the seeds from the sun. Which the seeds need, but not in excess. Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing for anyone or anything.

The straw will also keep the grass seeds from washing away. Surprise rain and storms can easily wash away all your hard work after planting grass seeds. The last thing you want is a surprise rain shower to wash away all your hard work. It’ll leave your lawn in patches if the seeds get washed away.


How Do I Know That I Applied The Straw Correctly?

You only need a thin layer of straw. A thin layer will get the job done for your grass seeds. If you put too much down, it will block out much-needed sun and water. It will also prevent the grass from growing if the pile is too heavy. Having a pile that is too light will cause the straw to fly away or be moved by water or gusts of wind. You have to find a happy medium!

You should put down the straw before you water the grass seeds. Putting down the straw first will guarantee that you don’t step in wet soil and disturb the grass seeds. It may not seem like much, but any disturbance to the seeds can possibly ruin them. It would be a waste of resources when you could simply lay down some straw first.


Things to Consider 

Leave the straw where it is while the grass is growing. If you try to remove the straw while the grass is growing, you could pull out some of the grass by accident. This will ruin all your hard work and you’ll have to put more seeds down. The straw will naturally dissolve into the soil over time, so you can just leave it alone.

A weighted roller may push the grass seeds too deeply into the soil. A weighted roller may sound like a great option since it’s supposed to save you time while planting, however, it can push the seeds into the ground too deep. This can cause the seeds to be damaged, or too far down that they can’t access any nutrients from the sun or water to grow.

Decomposing straw provides nutrients to the soil. Another reason to leave the straw over your grass seeds, is that it can offer great nutrients to the soil around it. If you leave it alone, it will dissolve into the soil over time. This is something to consider when you set the straw on top of your grass seeds since the soil provides the seeds with vital nutrients.



We’ve discussed how putting straw over your grass seeds can help them grow. Hopefully, you will try this the next time you plant grass seeds!