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Web Designer and Web Developer What Is the Difference

Web Designer vs Web Developer: What Is the Difference?

In this high-tech world, having a website that represents you or your company is an important feature. It displays your professionalism and organization level; it also helps you build a trustworthy reputation. You are likely familiar with the two terms web designer and web developer. When building a website, it is common to hire one, or possibly both, to create a credible representation of the services that you offer. Many people use the titles interchangeably, signifying that they seemingly represent the same job. But according to Honts Designs, which does web design in the Quad Cities, each one works with a different set of programs to build different aspects of a website. Taking a look at them individually, you will be able to see the variations in what they are responsible for.

What Is a Web Designer?

Techno Jobs breaks down each aspect of being a web designer. When it comes to creating a website that is memorable and functional, the layout makes a huge difference. Web designers put together the visual aspects of a website. They are responsible for encouraging visitors to stay on the page by forming an aesthetically pleasing user interface. To be a web designer, you usually need to be able to utilize your creativity. You must have an innovative way of thinking, always one step ahead of the trends.

As a web designer, familiarity with the programs such as Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver is usually required. You must also have the ability to create your own CSS and XHTML organically. Because technology changes very quickly, a web designer needs to stay up to speed on the latest programs and coding. It is a fast-paced industry that can prove to be very rewarding.

There are many ways that you can build a web design career. Freelancing is always an option, working on various different jobs at a time. There is also the chance to work for a single company, being in charge of the entirety of their design. Many large companies like to hire teams that are consistently updating the look of their website to create the best flow of traffic.

What Is a Web Developer?

To be a web developer means that you are already working with a website that has its basic foundation. The Balance Careers explains that web developers bring life to a website. They take the look and template and turn it into a fully functional page. Web developers use different programming languages such as PHP, CSS, Javascript, and HTML. They can take pictures and turn them into animations, and they can create coding to make certain features interactive to the visitor.

Troubleshooting is a skill that a web developer must master. Although it does not require a computer science degree, it is recommended that the developer have plenty of hands-on experience working on different websites. They are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of websites, often performing checks to ensure that everything is functioning correctly. There are certain standards that must be adhered to when building websites, and a developer must have extensive knowledge of all of them.

A benefit of working as a web developer is that you usually aren’t confined to the same office every single day. Many work from home, able to complete every task from their own computer. The flexibility that this job provides is one of its best advantages.

Who to Hire?

With each definition listed, it should be easy to determine whether you need to utilize the help of a designer, developer, or both. If you are starting from scratch with your website, it would benefit you to get the help of both. Purely Branded explains that companies have been utilizing the help of Google to find these services. It is an industry that is in high demand, and the skills that designers and developers have are ones that an average person does not. This is what makes web designers and developers a valuable commodity.

If you already have a website in place, but you feel that it could use a complete makeover, contacting a web designer would be the right decision. They would be able to help you transform your page, making it appear more eye-catching and easier for visitors to use. On the other hand, for a website that you already have, you could hire a web developer to update your specs. This coding would spruce up your website and add new features to it that could also help to boost your visitor count.

A simple search on the internet is all it takes to find access to hundreds of designers and developers. Many work for themselves, as mentioned above. If you prefer that the person you hire stays on as a consistent part of your business, it would be wise to look into companies that advertise long-term jobs.