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How Do You Sleep with Eyelash Extensions

How Do You Sleep with Eyelash Extensions?

Getting eyelash extensions is a great way to make sure that you have beautiful eyelashes that are meant to last. They can make a fashion statement and can fill out the lashes of those who may not be happy with the current look of them. One question you may have when choosing to get eyelash extensions is how they are supposed to sleep with these extensions in.

It is possible to sleep with eyelash extensions in, but it is best to sleep on your back if possible, says ilashas, who has experience with lash extensions. This will help you to avoid friction when the eyelashes rub against the pillow. If you do choose to sleep on one of your sides, you need to rest the head on the edge of the pillow or use a pressure-free sleep mask to keep them protected. Never sleep on your stomach or this can cause the eyelash extensions to get caught in the pillow and fall off.

There are many reasons to choose these eyelash extensions, but you need to take the proper care of them. By following the rules above, you will be able to sleep peacefully while taking care of the eyelashes. Let’s learn more about the different ways you can sleep to provide protection to your eyelashes.

How Do You Sleep with Eyelash Extensions?

Getting the right eyelash extensions put in can be a great option. These will allow you to have fuller eyelashes that look better for all occasions. While wearing them out in public during the day can be a lot of fun, you may need to take a few precautions when it is time to go to bed. This ensures the eyelashes are not going to get caught up and fall off when you are asleep.

The best position to lay in when you have these eyelash extensions in will be on your back. This will reduce the amount of pressure that is put on the eyelashes and makes it less likely that you will rub them against the pillow or something else along the way. If possible, you should try to lay on your back through the night.

Staying on your back all night can be hard to do. And it is possible that you will roll over to one of the sides as you go through the night. It is possible to sleep on your side while the eyelashes are in place, but you do need to be careful when you are doing this as well.

The good news is that there are a few methods you can use to help you be comfortable with the eyelash extensions in, even when you lay on one side of the other. First, make sure that your head is resting on the edge of the pillow of whichever side you are planning to lay down on. You may also want to get a pressure-free sleep mask to put over the eyelash extensions so that you can keep them protected and not have issues at all.

You should never sleep on your stomach when the eyelashes are in. this is just asking for trouble and the extensions are not going to make it through the night at all. When you choose to sleep on your stomach, it is more likely that the eyelashes are going to get tangled in the pillow and they will fall off.

What Other Methods Can I Use to Protect My Eyelash Extensions?

There are also some other methods that you can use to help you protect your eyelash extensions to ensure that they will not fall off or irritate you throughout the night. A sleeping mask is always a good option because it helps to protect the eyes, even if you need to twist and turn a bit throughout the night. Make sure to go with a sleep mask that is meant for eyelash extensions rather than a regular one.

Using something like a silk pillow can help as well. This material is much better on the eyelashes and is less likely to scratch or rub off when you have it against it. Stretching before bed so that you can be comfortable when you lay down and making sure that you sleep in the right position will be important to ensure you are not going to toss and turn to ruin the eyelashes when you sleep.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with Eyelash Extensions

It is possible to sleep just fine, even with these long eyelash extensions in place. You just need to take a few extra precautions and be careful about how you lay down in the first place. After wearing the extensions for some time, you will adjust to having them on and it will feel normal for how you wear them, even when you go to bed.