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Can I Wear Makeup to Botox Appointment?

Can I Wear Makeup to Botox Appointment?

Getting a Botox treatment can be a great way to reverse some of the signs of aging and help you look and feel amazing. There are many reasons that clients will consider getting Botox, but they may have a lot of questions before they decide to get the procedure. One question is whether they can wear makeup to the Botox appointment.

According to Curated Medical, who offers services such as Botox in Scottsdale, wearing makeup to a Botox appointment is not advised. This can cause additional irritation to the skin, may make the skin dry and can bring in allergies to some patients that were not expected. The procedure can still happen even if the client is wearing makeup at the time, but it is generally best to have nothing on your face at the time of the Botox procedure.

There are different steps that you can take to ensure the Botox procedure goes off as well as possible. Taking the makeup off for a few days can give the doctor a clean slate to do the Botox and will make it easier to get the injections without any complications.

Why Wearing Makeup to Botox is a Bad Idea?

While there are a lot of high-quality makeup options that you can go with when it comes to highlighting some of your best features. This tool can help to cover up blemishes, improve skin tone, and make your facial features pop. But when it comes to wearing makeup during a Botox treatment, it is often best to avoid this if possible.

There are a few problems that can occur when you try to wear makeup to your Botox appointment. Some of these include:


Some of the ingredients that are in makeup can trigger contact dermatitis, which is basically just inflammation of the skin that happens when there is contact with an irritant or allergen. Wearing makeup makes it more likely that you will be irritated through this during the treatment.

This kind of dermatitis can end up being painful and will affect the eyes, lips, skin, and neck. Some of the symptoms you may experience include redness, peeling, crusting, swelling, or blisters.

Treatment involves avoiding the offending products, though it could take three weeks for the symptoms to resolve and the skin to heal. This can kind of ruin the results you were hoping to get from Botox.


Another issue that you may encounter when wearing makeup to your Botox appointment is allergies. The body’s immune system may react when the makeup and the chemicals from Botox mix with one another. This reaction occurs after the skin is sensitized, which means that it can happen even if you have gotten Botox in the past.

Some of the symptoms you may notice of this allergic reaction can include itchy bumps, red spots, scaly skin, and a lot of dryness as well. The best treatment is to avoid the makeup, and your doctor may be able to give you some topical creams to manage the itching a bit.


Sometimes a powder or a foundation is going to dry out the skin. This can be enough to make the skin look dully, flaky, and dry. Wearing makeup for longer periods of time, sleeping with it on the face, or not cleaning it off before bed can make the skin dry and rough.

When you wear makeup during the Botox procedure, the same kind of thing can happen as well. The makeup can dry out, which can cause fine wrinkles and cracks in the skin. In some cases, this will lead to an infection. It is best to take the makeup off and apply a moisturizer before heading to get the treatment to make sure that your skin will stay safe.


Acne is caused by an interaction between the skin oils, bacteria, and hormones, which will cause the hair follicles to inflame. All of the conditions can be just right when you wear makeup and have a Botox treatment to make the skin break out in acne.

Makeup is enough to clog the pores, and even if you do not typically get acne, wearing makeup when you are getting Botox can be enough to make this happen. It is best to keep the acne off during the Botox treatment to be safe.

Choosing Whether to Wear Makeup When Getting Botox

In some cases, you may have to keep the makeup on when you go in for the injections. You may come from work and need to go back right away, and makeup is something you need to wear. You can talk to the doctor about this and see whether there are steps you can take to help limit the effects and keep your face safe while getting the most out of your Botox treatment.