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Airconditoner making loud buzzing noise

Air Conditioner Making Loud Buzzing Noise

Your central air conditioner can literally be all nice and cool when you start using it. However, if at some point you begin to experience a loud, buzzing noise that just won’t stop blaring, this can make for a really frustrating experience.

Although the air conditioner might continue working, such noises usually get really disturbing, and shows that something is definitely wrong. Thus, once your AC begins to get noisy, you shouldn’t keep living with the noise just because you need it running.

Rather, you should instantly be aware that some electrical issue is at fault, according to the experts at 212 HVAC, who handles air conditioner installation in NYC. Therefore, it is imperative that you call for an experienced installer’s expertise as soon as you notice a problem.

What kind of noise is your air conditioner making?

Now, it is important that you take note of the kind of noise your air conditioner is making. Although the air conditioners available today are made to be really quiet, saving you of any noisy disturbance. However, some older models are known to emit some humming sounds when they run. Sometimes the situation might not be too serious, and all you need to do is some simple adjustments.

For instance, if your air conditioner makes a humming sound when you turn it on, then you might not need to fuss so much. But really, a highly efficient AC shouldn’t let out loud or unusual noises.

So whatever the case, whether loud or soft noises, it is advisable that you call an expert to check it out. This is because a minor noise, if left to deteriorate, might soon end up causing major, or even total, damage to your AC unit.

Different noises might be experienced, such as a banging, clicking, squealing, rattling or a buzzing noise. All these noises usually mean different things that could be wrong with your air conditioner. However, here are some causes of the loud buzzing noise that can frustrate anyone.

Why is my air conditioner making such a loud, buzzing noise?

A loud buzzing noise could simply be pointing at a malfunction. This could be as a result of;

  • Loose parts
  • Broken parts
  • Leaks from the refrigerant
  • A damaged compressor
  • A missing part of the isolation feet

It might really just be a small part causing the issue. However, the whole AC requires all of the big and small parts in order to work at maximum efficiency. So when a small part gets damaged or missing, it can lead to such noises and resulting issues.

One very basic cause of a buzzing noise is a missing part of the isolation feet. Essentially, this is one of the legs which the AC compressor sits on. After some time, the isolation feet might shift or break, and then the compressor becomes imbalanced, resulting in a loud buzzing noise. If quickly detected, you simply have to replace the isolation feet, or adjust the imbalanced part to make the compressor stay stable. When this is done, the buzzing noise is likely to stop.

However, if the noise persists, then you might have to look at the compressor itself. The compressor might be malfunctioning as a result of electric voltage that is too high or too low. You should know that the compressor is a main part of the air conditioner, and is therefore quite sensitive. For this, it is usually advisable that an expert tells you exactly what is wrong with the compressor.


Note that, if the refrigerant is leaking, the buzzing noise might not be the only problem you have to face. That is, a leaking refrigerant might soon make the air conditioner stop working altogether. You also have to call for the services of an expert when handling this type of situation.

One other reason for a loud buzzing noise could be due to your air conditioning unit freezing. Many people are surprised to discover this, however, it is a really common cause.

Your AC unit freezing up simply shows that it has been running non-stop for a long time and simply needs some time to thaw. The freezing usually occurs mostly when the refrigerant is leaking consistently. So, aside from turning off the AC to let it thaw, you should also check if the refrigerant is leaking.

Some other details you should look out for, in order to be able to personally detect issues, include;

  • The model of your air conditioner (whether an older or newer model)
  • The instructions from the producer’s manual
  • The various parts and their manes from the manual
  • The specific kind of noise being emitted
  • The place where the noise is most pronounced, whether within or outside the house
  • Any history of damage with the air conditioner or a general electrical malfunction
  • Whether or not the air conditioner continues working despite the noise

These tips should help you detect the possible area of concern, even before you call for the services of an electrician or an AC expert. From the information contained here, noises from your air conditioner can be observed, and simple adjustments can be made to ensure your AC unit continues to run smoothly.