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Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are injured in a vehicle accident and someone else is at fault, you may be due compensation that an insurance company or the defendant are not willing to pay. It is at this point that you would be best served by hiring competent legal representation in order to receive fair and adequate compensation for your injury, pain and suffering.

According to Personal Injury Attorneys 818, a Glendale personal injury lawyer group, the most common reasons you should file a personal injury lawsuit are in cases where you suffered injuries from:

  • A car accident
  • A bicycle accident
  • A motorcycle accident
  • A slip and fall accident
  • Medical malpractice
  • A dog bite
  • A commercial truck accident
  • A boating accident
  • A pedestrian accident
  • A work accident

If you have been injured and feel you have the right to compensation, finding a competent legal representative to fight for you is critical to successful recovery.

How Will a Personal Injury Attorney Benefit Me?

There are many benefits to contacting a legal professional, and there are no initial costs for you to find out if your case has merit. The following are just a few of the benefits for you, the plaintiff:

  • Free, no obligation initial consultation
  • Reduced stress, as your attorney will now deal with the insurance company
  • An attorney will protect you against statutes of limitation that cut off your rights to claims
  • Your attorney can find the defendant’s insurance limitations so your medical bills can be paid
  • An attorney can ensure you receive appropriate compensation

The most important aspect is that an attorney represents you and your interests, not the interests of other parties.

What Are the First Steps to Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

Once you hire a personal injury attorney, there are several steps you need to take with the attorney to prepare your case. You should have the following to determine if you have the qualifications to win:

  • Proof that a negligent party caused your injuries
  • Proof that the accident caused your injuries
  • Proof the alleged has an insurance company that can compensate you

Once the qualification is established, the attorney will work to prepare your case. Your attorney should:

  • Create a case package for the insurance company
  • Enter negotiations with the insurance company
  • File a lawsuit on your behalf
  • Enter mediation or go to trial

The hope is that the insurance company immediately settles or at least enters mediation for a suggested amount instead of pursuing a trial.

What Should I Do to Prepare for My Personal Injury Case?

Your attorney will request that you prepare documentation to support the qualification of your case as valid. As soon as possible after the accident, you will need to start preparing for your case.

  • Get witnesses’ contact information
  • Take photos of the accident
  • See a doctor to determine your condition and follow the doctor’s orders
  • Collect all documentation related to your accident. This includes police reports, medical bills and receipts, and receipts for other related expenses like a car repair or a rental car.

Keep track of all your expenses, doctor visits, therapy appointments and any other documentation that is a result of the accident.

Will a Personal Injury Attorney Accept My Case?

Before an attorney accepts your case, they will need to determine if you have grounds to file a lawsuit and what likelihood your case will be won if it should go to trial. Your attorney should look at the following issues to determine the validity of your case.

  • Is the defendant at fault for the accident?
    The police report or witness statements should indicate the other party is at fault.
  • Were you injured in the accident?
    If the other party is at fault but there was only property damage, it is unlikely there is sufficient damage to warrant a lawsuit.
  • How long did you wait after the accident to see a doctor?
    If you wait more than three days to see a doctor, this exceeds what insurance companies see as a reasonable amount of time to seek medical help.
  • How much medical care was received after the accident?
    Did you stop seeing a doctor against orders? If so, insurance companies can use this against you in court.
  • Have you talked to insurance adjusters about the accident?
    If your statement is taken by an insurance adjuster, the details can be used against you and your case.

Depending on the answers to the questions above, an attorney may be hesitant to take your case. Act early. Immediately contact and receive counsel from an attorney before talking to anyone else.

Act immediately after your accident to get all relevant information so you can approach a personal injury attorney with the facts. When you interview prospective attorneys, discuss the circumstances of your accident with them to determine whether your case has a chance of winning adequate compensation.