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Sump Pump Keeps Running

What To Do if My Sump Pump Keeps Running?

You have a sump pump and it keeps running! What do you do to stop it? If you do not put a stop to its constant running, what will happen? Well, no worries! I have all the answers that you need to know on the subject right here. Let me walk you through on how to fix this issue along with some cool little tricks. Let us get started!

What is Causing The Constant Running?

Your first question is probably, what is causing it? That is the first place to start. Normally if we can find the cause we can fix the issue. However, this is a complicated answer. Your sump pump can be running constantly for a number of reasons.

The list of reasons can go on and on. I don’t want to list them all here because we need to get straight to the fixing part. Time is very crucial. If the sump pump is not be given time to cool off then it could burn out. This will result in having to buy another one. We all know they are not inexpensive either.

What Should You Do?

The float switch can be of help. There are a number of reasons to turn to the float switch in cases like these. The professionals at American Rooter, my local Omaha plumbers, find that most of the time you can count on the sump pumps float switch to be the issue. The great news is that the float switch on your sump pump can be fixed by you if you’re handy. Otherwise, you can call in a professional for a potentially easy job.

What is the Sump Pump Float Switch?

Now that you know that the float switch may be the cause of your sump pump running constantly, you may want to know exactly what the float switch actually is and does. No worries, I will break it down for you.

Upward Floating Float Switch
When your float switches float is tilted upward, the switch that inside will then turn on. This tells the sump pump to drain the tank. This is of course when it is working properly.

The Downward Position
When the sump pump has drained the tank and it has been emptied out completely, the float will tilt to a downward position. This then tells the pump to fill the tank back up with water.

What Can Mess The Float Switch Up?

The float switch sounds like a pretty simple device. However, it is the main cause of a sump pump running without rest when it is not operating properly. There are so many things that can happen with the float switch that can make this occur. It can be a simple issue within the flotation system that can cause this problem. If the float gets hung up on something, this can cause it to be stuck in limbo.

The best thing to do is take a look. Let me give you some steps on how to fix your sump pumps float switch. If you think you may be in need of a float switch you can find more info about them and what they look like at www.tractorsupply.com.

How to Fix This Yourself!

The great news is that it can be fixed in a fairly simple way. No need to hire anyone. I have a list of the simple steps to fix your sump pumps float switch all right here. Hopefully, it will stop your sump pump from running all the time and prevent the pump from burning up.

Here are the steps:

  • Open the sump pump up and take a look inside.
  • Turn off all power to the area.
  • Have the new sump pump float switch at hand.
  • Unplug the old float switch and replace with the new one.
  • Be sure to the new float switch is working properly.

What Will I be Looking for When I Look?

When opening up the sump pump to take a look at the float switch before replacing, you should look for certain things that indicated that it is truly the float switch.

Here are some things below:

  • Is the float stuck? If so you will not need a new switch, you can just untangle the float.It should work fine after that. If this is a repetitive thing, you might want to go ahead and replace the switch.
  • The float is not filling up the tank at all. It is not moving.- This means it is time for a new float switch.

Before You Go!

I hope all this information was useful to you.  You can find more info at www.flotecpump.com. I have also linked a video on youtube for you to see also.

Remember to always use safety first. Address the issue as soon as possible to prevent burning up the pump. This should be an easy fix!