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How to Find a Good Cleaning Service

How to Find a Good Cleaning Service

Keeping a clean home is important for you as well as your family, not to mention for those surprise guests who just happen to “be in the neighborhood.” A clean home has great health benefits and provides a tranquil environment to come home to after a long day at work. Maintaining a clean home is becoming a more taxing chore, and modern families are struggling to keep up.

Hiring a cleaning service has become a necessity rather than a luxury. If you relate to that, like many others out there, then hiring a cleaning service to help with the demand is a must. Check out some of these quick tips before setting up your cleaning services for your home or office, according to Maid Just Right, who offers the best cleaning services in San Diego.

But, how do you find a good cleaning service, you ask? You’ve probably heard the horror stories of cleaning services doing a poor job or stealing items from houses. Well, look no further. Below are three important tips on finding the perfect cleaning service for you!

Ask for Recommendations

The first tip is to start asking people you know and trust for their cleaning service recommendations. This could be family members, co-workers, or the friendly stranger that you met at Starbucks that one time. These people can be super helpful in providing you with true feedback on the services provided. They can also relay who may be the best person to ask for within the cleaning service, or even give you a referral discount depending on the company.

Friends and family are also not going to be paid to tell you what they think about the company. Unless that payment is in cookies, in which case, give them all the cookies!

Use the Internet

Another great tip is to use the internet to search for cleaning services in your area. You can use Yelp, Google reviews, and Facebook to learn about the companies as well as read reviews. From there you can pull up the cleaning service’s website and learn more about them. How they operate, the rate they charge, and what services they provide.

After that, if you’re really interested in a specific company, you can call and have them come out for an estimate. Many companies will provide free first visit quotes where they will go over rates and how many people or supplies they will need.

Talk to the Companies

Lastly, do your homework on the companies that speak to you. Find out who they hire, what their fees and surcharges are, what hours they operate and if they come to your area.

Beware of scammers! Intuit Mint Life states that many scammers hide in plain sight. They are unlicensed contract workers with rates that are super cheap in comparison to other cleaning services. Or they come to your door trying to sell faulty cleaning supplies or “miracle” cleaners. Intuit warns that you should stick to the tried and true products like bleach and hydrogen peroxide before trusting any other cleaning product.

There are even scams that appear to run like a real business! They can do real work for a short time as they are getting to know you, and when you are present during services. They will gain your trust over time and once you turn your back, they’ll take all your valuable possessions and run, never to be heard from again. The best way to stay away from these scammers is to ask for paperwork, such as insurance, references, and licenses. Most scammers won’t have any to show and will try to talk their way out of it. Don’t listen! Simply decline their service and look for credible ones. They are out there, and they want to clean your house!

Once you sign up with a service, do a trial run with them before signing on for monthly or yearly contracts. Make sure that you like the work that they do, and that you both understand what the other expectations are. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve found “the one”, you can feel safe knowing that they will continue to do a great job keeping your house clean. Then you can enjoy your clean house, and even have a house party!

I hope you found this article helpful in finding your very own cleaning service. Stay safe out there, and clean!