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Furnishing Your Garden Room

Furnishing Your Garden Room

Thinking of getting a garden room? You can make it a wise investment because there are endless uses for it. If you’ve gotten past the hard part, the decision making and red tape (permission and regulations), now it’s time for the fun part: furnishing your garden room. This is where you can be as creative as you want to be and make it unique.

Since there are so many so many different uses for garden rooms, no two garden rooms ever have to look the same. They should be something out of your imagination. Outdoor Building Group, which builds garden rooms in Scotland, has shared some details on the most common uses of garden rooms and how people furnish them.

Are You Working in It?

If your new garden room is for the sole purpose of work, you will furnish it a different way than, say, a masseuse or musician would furnish theirs.

Whether you are a writer, virtual assistant, or remote customer service agent, you need a dedicated office space for your work. Being in peace and quiet surrounded by the serene outdoors is anyone’s dream home office.

You don’t have to worry about being interrupted by kids, getting sidetracked by the television in the next room, or any of the other distractions that come along with a home office. Sounds great, right?

So, what should you include in your garden office? You definitely need a suitable desk and comfy chair for your work, preferably a desk with filing drawers included so you can keep your work organized without leaving your desk. If your desk doesn’t have filing drawers included, you will also need a filing cabinet in your garden office. Organization is key!

You may also want a small love seat or sofa bed in case you have a long night and decide that you can’t move another inch until you sleep. A TV will also come in handy for this purpose. That’s if you have enough self-control not to turn it on until all your work is finished.

Are You Using It as a Game Room?

If you are using your garden room as a game room, you will have different needs than that of the telecommuter. Some of the same things apply like a TV and chairs.

If this is your primary use for your garden room you probably want a large TV, chairs or a comfortable couch, your game(s) of choice, and a coffee table or end table to set your drinks and things on. You may want a soft, fluffy rug to make it feel homier.

Garden Music Rooms

Another popular trend is garden music rooms. Musicians need an area where they can work without disturbing the family. A garden room is the perfect option because it sets away from the house, which enables you to play the way you want without getting on anyone’s nerves.

If you are using it as a music room, you will probably want all your music equipment, a few chairs, an easel, and a comfortable love seat where you can rest. You will probably also need a TV in your garden room.

These are just a few examples of ways you can use your garden room. Explore more options for decorating your space at HouseBeautiful.

Furniture Everyone Needs in Their Garden Room

There are some things that you need, no matter what your intended use is. I look at them as universal furnishings because everyone needs them in their space.

  • Small fridge: Whatever you may be using your garden room for, you need a fridge. Everyone needs refreshments and it’s best to not have to walk to your house every time you need a drink or snack.
  • Plants: Plants are an important furnishing for your garden room because they improve air quality, brighten up the room and enhance creativity. These benefits are great for anyone! Read more about the benefits of plants in your office space at Daily Mail. They are a must-have!
  • Decorative pieces: Things like welcome mats, rugs, pictures for the wall, fish in a fish bowl, and other decorations are a great addition to a garden room no matter what it is used for. These things make your garden room homier and therefore more welcoming to come to on a daily basis without getting tired of it.

How Should I Decorate My Garden Room?

This is completely up to you. I would get creative with it. Make it into something that you will look forward to coming to day in and day out. You are putting a lot of money and hard work into this addition to your property, so make the most of it. Be fun and colorful. Make it into your dream room.

This is the one part that is solely up to you. No requests and permissions needed (if you have already gotten building permission and checked with building regulation.) So, have fun with this one! Good luck with your garden room adventures!