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Do You Shave Before Laser Hair Removal?

Do You Shave Before Laser Hair Removal?

Getting laser hair removal can be a smart idea when you are tired of shaving and dealing with razor burns before hitting the beach or being outside. It is an effective treatment to help get this done, but you need to be prepared before you go in and get the treatment done. One question that many people may have before they go for their first treatment is whether they should shave before they get laser hair removal.

It is recommended that you shave before your laser hair removal procedure, explains CurateMD Skin Bar (https://curatemd-skin-bar-and-wellness-clinic.business.site/posts/2744747372958885151).  Most experts agree that you should do this the day before the treatment, but any time prior to the treatment day will work, even the day of the treatment. Be careful when you shave to avoid any irritation of the area or a razor burn because this can be aggravated when you go to get the laser hair removal done.

Taking care when you shave before your laser hair removal procedure will ensure that you get the best results without all of the irritation along the way. But you need to make sure that you do it the right way. Let’s take a closer look at some of the steps that you should follow to make sure you shave the right way for laser hair removal.

When Should I Shave Before Getting Laser Hair Removal?

It is recommended that you try to shave the area the day before you get laser hair removal. This allows you enough time to get the work done without causing any unnecessary irritation to the skin or cuts when you are in a hurry. You want the area to be smooth and clear of irritations and other issues along the way. Taking your time and using lotion to help can make a difference.

However, you can shave any time before your laser hair removal. If you don’t have the time to get it done until the day of the treatment, then this is fine as well. You want to make sure the area is free of hair and ready to go for the lasers later on. Just use caution and don’t irritate the skin. Using a new razor is a good idea to ensure that no bacteria is left behind from an older razor.

You should also not touch the area once you are done shaving until the treatment starts. This is a good way to prevent irritation of the skin and will make it easier for the technicians to see the area and get stuff done.

Tips for Shaving Before Laser Hair Removal

Shaving can be tricky, especially in some of the areas where you would like to get laser hair removal done. First, make sure that you choose a brand-new razor that is sharp. Dull blades can cause nicks and cuts that have the potential to lead to an infection. These bad razors can cause a lot of irritation on the skin since you must continue to go over the same area to get all of the hair. This can make it more likely you will experience irritation when you get the laser hair removal procedure done.

You should also use shaving gel or cream when you shave. This helps to avoid some of that bad irritation, and it can soften the skin naturally, making it easier to shave. This also helps to protect the skin from razor burns or bumps. While you are shaving, make sure to shave in the same direction as the hair growth. Shaving against this can cause some issues with ingrown hairs and a lot of irritation down the line too.

For those who tend to have more sensitive skin, you may want to go with a shaving gel that has a soothing ingredient in it. Aloe vera is a good one here to make sure the skin doesn’t become irritated. If you do not have overly sensitive skin, consider whether you could come up with some of the homemade mixtures to help the hairs lift up better to make shaving easier. A mixture of baking soda and water can be good for this, or go with a slightly acidic solution of vinegar or lemon juice to help.

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

There are a lot of reasons to choose to get laser hair removal done on your legs or other parts of your body. But you need to follow the right steps to make sure you do it well and don’t end up with irritated skin right before you go. Shaving the day before can help, especially since you can then put on lotions and work with any irritation that may show up. Take a look at some of the steps above and learn how to shave before you get your laser hair removal done.